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Mexico’s Fine Arts Institute marks 65th anniversary with exhibit

Mexico’s Fine Arts Institute is celebrating its 65th anniversary with an exhibit that looks back over the institution’s long and storied history, collecting some of the most famous artwork to ever be shown in the museum all in one place.

Many Mexicans will want to go to the event, which means that those working in other countries will be sending money back home via international wire transfers. And this is truly not an event to be missed. Mexican President Felipe Calderon opened the event earlier this week.

Some of the artists who have works in the event include Frida Kahlo, Rufino Tamayo and Saturnino Herran. In total, more than 250 individual works are on display as part of the massive exhibit.

The exhibit was designed not only to celebrate the museum’s past, but to also look ahead to the future. Included alongside the artwork is an explanation of how the museum acquires and restores its pieces.

“We have the basis, the foundation, now we must look to the present and future to define how we want to grow, which museums need strengthening, and what pieces by which artists we want to have,” exhibit curator Ana Garduño told the news source.

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