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London Olympics football: It’s "The Albert"

London is gearing up for the 2012 Olympics, and many are looking forward to the football matches that will be played during the event, as teams from all over the world will compete for the gold medal. Adidas, the official sportswear provider, recently revealed the name it had given to the ball to be used for the competition.

Soliciting suggestions from more than 12,000 UK residents, the sportswear company finally settled on “The Albert” as the official name for the ball. It sounds a bit odd if you don’t know London slang, or “cockney,” which tends to use sound-alike words. In this case, London’s famous landmark, Albert Hall, happens to rhyme with ball. The name was suggested by Derbyshire resident Robert Ashcroft.

“I can’t believe that my name was chosen for the ball that will have such a big part to play in the biggest sporting event on earth,” Ashcroft said. “The name was an obvious choice for me. With London hosting the 2012 Games it made sense to name a ball with the London cockney rhyming slang heritage.”

Thousands of people will descend upon London next year to watch the matches played with the new ball. This is a great time for ex-pats to head home, but if they can’t make it, it’s also a good opportunity to wire money abroad and assist loved ones with their celebrations.

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