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Australia mourns rugby legends

A pair of Australian rugby legends have passed away within a day of each other, leaving fans of the sport in mourning in the Land Down Under.

David Brockhoff and Rex Mossop were two of the more memorable players on the 1949 Bledisloe Cup winning side. The Bledisloe Cup is an annual competition contested between the New Zealand All Blacks international team and the Australian Wallabies.

Historically, New Zealand has dominated the competition. The 1949 was just the second win for Australia since the cup’s inception in 1932. The win, against the heavily-favored New Zealand team, was considered huge for Australia not just because they won the cup, but because New Zealand didn’t win one game and they did it on their home turf.

Both legends stayed involved with the game after their playing days were over. Brockhoff went on to become a coach, while Mossop became a commentator.

Australia will be heading to New Zealand this fall to compete in the Rugby World Cup, a time that will likely be one of celebration for fans of the Wallabies. Many Australians living abroad will be sending moneyonline via international wire transfers during this time period to assist with the festivities.

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