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ICC Cricket World Cup semi-finals begin tomorrow

The ICC Cricket World Cup is in its home stretch, and fans around the world are on the edges of their seats as the final four teams face off to determine which two will vie for the final title of world champions. We’ll go over a recap of the quarterfinals, but for those who want to see the action live, remember that you can watch every cricket game online.

On March 23, Pakistan took on the West Indies for group A. Though many expected the two teams to be evenly matched, it was a relatively easy win for Pakistan. This means that the Pakistan team will be moving forward to take on the winner from group B.

It looks as though they’ll have to put their skills to the test when they take on India, which emerged victorious from the second quarterfinal. India defeated Australia in an exciting match, as both of these teams have enormous fan bases that are following the games closely. Some may be surprised that Australia is out of the competition, as the boys from down under were tapped as favorites by many.

New Zealand and South Africa went head-to-head on Friday, March 25 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. New Zealand will be moving forward, but it’s been a great tournament for the losing team as well. Many people will send money to friends and family to celebrate the South African team’s run.

The kiwi team will take on Sri Lanka tomorrow, as the Sri Lankan team beat out England in another surprising upset. Many expect that Sri Lanka will reign in that game, as New Zealand, being the only non-Asian team left, is “the odd country out,” according to The Telegraph.

However, New Zealand isn’t willing to count themselves out just yet. While some criticized the team for being overly aggressive, coach John Wright says the strategy is needed for them to succeed.

“I like the aggression of the team,” Write told new sources on Sunday, according to the ICC Cricket World Cup official website. “They were very aggressive, particularly in the field. I think that’s important.”

Pakistan and India’s game will occur the following day, while the final game will take place on Saturday, April 2, in Mumbai, India.

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