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Baguio City Panagbenga Festival

For the second straight year in a row, Xoom was honored to participate in the Baguio City Panagbenga Festival held the month of February. In cool crisp climate of the mountainous Baguio region, hundreds of thousands of visitors gather to celebrate this famous Festival second in size only to the Cebu Sinulog Festival held a month earlier.

Panagbenga has always been one of the most favorite “must see” events in the Philippines, given its close proximity to Metro Manila. The Panagbenga Festival showcases the many floral floats and native dances. Panagbenga is a kankanaey term for “a season of blooming.” It is also known as the Baguio Flower Festival, paying homage to the beautiful flowers the city is famous for as well as a celebration of Baguio’s re-establishment.

While the festivities last all month, the Grand Float Parade is one of the most watched events. The parade starts with colorful marching bands, groups of band and lyres representing different schools in the region a colorful parade of floats made entirely of flowers that head to the famous Session Road of Baguio.

For flower lovers, parade lovers and lovers of Baguio, this is the best time to visit the beautiful City of Pines.

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