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Sri Lanka knew it was ready to take on Canada in ICC World Cup

The team captain for the Sri Lanka cricket team, Kumar Sangakkara, said that despite the fact that he didn’t know much about the Canadian players, he and his teammates were ready to take them on in the World Cup tournament, according to an article posted on the official ICC Cricket World Cup website. Sangakkara was proved right when his team was victorious on February 20 with a 210 runs win.

Sangakkara told the news source that he was not worried about facing John Davison, the Canadian player who scored the fastest World Cup hundred, nor was he concerned by the fact that the game took place at the Hambantota stadium, which was featured for the first time in an international setting.

“I don’t think when we go to play sides that we haven’t’ played much that we should worry because in those games it’s all about us, how well we do and how well we play our cricket,” Sangakkara said in the interview. “I think we don’t need to be negative and we must make sure that we beat them without problems.

Sri Lanka were runners-up in 2007 world Cup, which took place in the Caribbean. Judging by their showing during their warm-up games and their first match, the team will likely go far this time around.

Canadian team captain Ashish Bagai said that his team had a little more to be worried about, particularly because of two players, Multtiah Muralitharan and Lasith Malinga.

“Obviously Muralitharan and Malinga are the big threats but if we can get through a couple of their bowlers we have a good chance,” Bagai told the news source. “It’s a new venue, even they won’t know what to expect, so it’s going to be tough [for both of us].”

Many Canadians will be traveling internationally to catch these games, and will have a loved one at home ready to transfer money to them should they need it during the tournament. Those who can’t make it to the games can catch all the action and watch Cricket world cup games online.

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