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Bank Deposits: The safest way to receive money

Whether you're a regularly traveler or have family members living abroad, if you're planning on receiving an international wire transfers, you may be wondering what the safest method for an overseas transaction may be. Before you ask a loved one to send money, remember that the safest place to pick up a large sum of money is a bank.

There are many companies that allow their customers to send money to locations in different countries. Often the international facilities where the money is received may be in less-than-ideal locales, such as questionable neighborhoods or off-the-map regions.

Money wiring companies that allow their patrons to send money in the form of a bank deposit offer an extra level of security. International banks are typically easy to find and are usually located in a safe neighborhood.

Additionally, banks often employ security measures to safeguard their customers and the money held at the facilities.When picking up money at a bank, customers can ask for envelops to keep their cash safely out of reach of thieves who may target travelers.

The U.S. Department of State lists several safety tips for travelers and reminds those who are taking a trip abroad to avoid alleys and poorly lit streets, and to be wary of pickpockets.

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