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French artists cross borders by singing in English

French rock bands are choosing to sing in English rather than in their native tongue. Many musicians see the English language as more suitable for lyrics than French, according to BBC.

Though some critics may believe that French is a viable language for pop and rock music, younger generations of musicians don’t want to be restricted by French phrasing, and believe that English rock songs are the way of the future.

Until recently, singing in a language other than French was seen as a “taboo.” However, changing perspectives on the matter have led several French bands to incorporate new sounds and forms of expression into their music.

Of course, in order to write and sing music in English, young musicians must learn the language. Many people who have family or friends living in France wire money to help youngsters afford the extra classes needed to become fluent.

“I just think in French we took much time…much more than other countries to just figure that the English language is good, it’s not Evil,” one rocker who favors English lyrics told the news source.

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