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Canadian bikers ride across North America to seek out sustainability

A group of Canadian bike enthusiasts recently set out on a tremendous journey seeking out the best ideas concerning sustainable economics in North America. The group of four people, who range in age from 22 to 26, started their trip in Canada but they’ll keep on riding until they reach Central America, reports Canada’s Trail Daily Times.

Their project is known as PEDAL (Pollinating Experiences, Documenting Action, Learning) Across the Americas tour, and they are hoping to hear inspiring stories about those who have found methods, technology and lifestyles that promote a smaller impact on the planet.

The ride has not been easy, so far. At one point, a member of the group fell into a ditch, and had to take off two weeks to recover.

Those interested in this project can learn more about the team and track their route on their website. Some people show their support for sustainable lifestyles by sending an online money transfer to someone who strives to have a small carbon footprint.

According to, Canada has taken on many initiatives to support green living. Many regions of the country use wind turbines and solar panels to tap into renewable energy resources.

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