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New Philippines Customers Get a Fee-FREE Money Transfer and Existing Customers Get 50% Off

Xoom is pleased to announce two promotions for our Philippines customers: LIBRE and PHFIFTY. New customers get their first transfer fee-free.

New Customers Use Coupon Code: LIBRE

Just go to Xoom and enter the coupon code LIBRE on our payments page to send your first remittance fee-free. Learn more about this offer.

Existing Customers Use Coupon Code: PHFIFTY

If you’re an existing customer, use the coupon code PHFIFTY and your next transfer is 50% off. Just enter this coupon code on our payments page the next time you send money to the Philippines. Hurry this offer expires October 31, 2010.

Money Available in Minutes
Payments are available for both cash pickup and bank deposit in minutes of sending at many locations including banks, pawnshops and malls.

Try Xoom today and find out what thousands of satisfied customers already know.

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