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Top three ways to ensure a secure money transfer

The internet can provide services that allow us to connect with family and friends who live far away. However, the openness of the world wide web also creates opportunities for criminals who use the net’s anonymity to take advantage of those who don’t use safe strategies when browsing. Follow these three tips to enhance your online security:

1. Never give out personal information online

It’s essential to keep personal information, such as credit card and social security numbers, addresses, passwords and other sensitive data, private – especially when surfing the web. Should this information fall into the wrong hands, criminals could use it to steal your identity.

2. Be careful when using an unsecured computer

If you are browsing the internet at a library or a friend’s house, remember that many websites store personal information automatically. It’s best not to record passwords or other private info when using a computer that is unfamiliar.

3. Use well-known companies when transferring money

The internet can be a simple and easy way to wire money, but it’s always best to use a company that you trust when making online money transfers. This will ensure that your funds arrive at their destination safely and in full.

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