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Majority of Mexican workers in New York City hold a job

Mexican immigrants comprise a large portion of the work force in the U.S. According to the New York Times, three quarters of Mexican immigrants between the ages of 16 and 65 living in New York City are working or actively looking for work.

According to the 2008 census, 96 percent of Mexican immigrants in the city hold a regular job, which is two percent higher than the national average. Men of Mexican descent have the second highest rate of employment among U.S. immigrant populations, just behind Italian immigrants.

Some experts believe that these numbers may be a slight underestimation, as it is likely that some undocumented workers are unwilling to reveal their employment status.

The source reports that numbers collected by the Fiscal Policy Institute show that 28 percent of all working-age Mexicans work in the food-service industry, while an additional 20 percent are working in construction.

Many of these immigrants likely come to the U.S. in order to send money to Mexico to support family members who still lives south of the U.S. – Mexico border. According to CBS, the Central Bank recorded a total of $21.2 billion was sent in remittances to Mexico from the U.S. in 2009.

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