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Journalist discusses experience coming to America

Wendy Carrillo recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post discussing her experience coming to the U.S. as a young girl. Carrillo’s mother left for the U.S. in 1983, when the journalist was only three years old, in order to help her family leave El Salvador.

Though she was only in her early 20s, Carillo’s mother was able to find a position working as a nanny. She was able to send money to El Salvador, and within a few years, Carrillo was able to join her mother.

She writes that it was difficult to adjust at first, but that she was excited about the new opportunities presented to her. “I was five years old. [My mother] had remarried and I had a new family. Life was wonderful and the American dream was within reach.”

Since that time, Carrillo has seen major success in the U.S. She holds degrees from both California State and the University of Southern California, and was recently recognized as Woman of the Year by senator Gloria Romero for her work as a broadcast journalist.

According to the Migration Information Source, more than half of foreign born citizens from Central America living in the U.S. are from El Salvador and Guatemala.

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