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Immigrants in Massachusetts send home over $1 billion in remittances

According to The Boston Globe, immigrants living in the U.S. sent home $1.8 billion in remittances to over 200 countries last year. Many foreign-born citizens work several jobs so that they can send more money back to their loved ones.

Delmy Aldana is one such worker who came to Massachusetts from El Salvador. She sends hundreds of dollars every month to help support her family at home, who includes a teenage son and her 71-year-old mother.
“It’s really hard,” Aldana told the news source. “The money I send my mother helps her to survive. What I send her pays her bills, the electricity, the water, the telephone. If I didn’t send money …I don’t know how she would manage.”

In addition to paying for her family’s basic needs, Aldana sends money to El Salvador in order to pay for the mortgage on a house she built to provide shelter to her loved ones in her native country.
According to the 2000 census, more than half of the immigrants from Central America living in the U.S. hail from either El Salvador or Guatemala, reports the Migration Information Source.

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