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Immigrant laborers find an online voice

Maria de Lourdes Gonzalez, a 62-year-old immigrant working as a housekeeper in California, runs a blog titled Vozmob, a site launched by the University of Southern California and the Institute of Popular Education of Southern California to give immigrants a voice on the internet, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The site allows workers throughout the region to record or take pictures of their experience in the U.S. and upload them onto the web to share with friends, family members and the public at large.

Gonzalez herself conducts many interviews with a tape recorder and video camera, often trying to engage people outside garment factories, on buses or those who pass her on the street. She conducts many of these one-on-ones in Spanish.

“The idea is to let those voices be heard,” the woman told the news source, “to bring out of us what’s already inside.” In addition to providing the workers with a space online, the project aims to provide technological education to immigrants.

Many immigrants, like Lourdes and the immigrants she has recorded have come to the U.S. in order to send money home to family and friends living abroad. According to The Migration Information Source, sending money to loved ones abroad helps pay for durable goods as well as education and household expenses.

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