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Brazilian citizens see increase in quality of life under President Lula

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, current president of Brazil, will step down from his position on January 1, 2011 after eight years on the job. With soaring approval rates, he has changed the lives of many of Brazil’s poorest citizens, reports the BBC.

“It has been the best government, before Lula, we didn’t have a government,” Cremilda Maria da Silva, a citizen of Brazil who lives in a poor neighborhood in the state of Pernambuco, told the news source. She receives regular payments to help support her family under the Family Grant, a program that was expanded by Lula.

One woman who also lives in an impoverished section of Brazil told the news source that under the same initiative she has been able to purchase medicine, a computer and a washing machine.

Perhaps Lula has been so successful because he understands the plight of the poor. He himself was born into a low-income family and worked to support his loved ones in the industrial belt of Sao Paulo, the source reports.

Many people from the nation move to the U.S. in order to find work so that they can send money to Brazil to support their family at home. According to the Migration Information Source, money from remittances can help a family pay for education or durable goods.

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