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Award-winning chef inspired to help feed the poor

When Narayanan Krishnan took a trip to his native country, India, to visit family and friends in 2002, he likely didn’t expect that the visit would lead him to dedicate his life to feeding the hungry.

Krishnan was originally planning to return to Switzerland, where he was living, to take on an elite job in his field. However, Krishnan decided to change his plans when he saw an old man living under a bridge, struggling to feed himself, according to

The experience inspired the chef to found a nonprofit, known as the Akshaya Trust, which has served more than 1.2 million meals to homeless and poverty-stricken people living in India.

Krishnan and a team now travel 125 miles in a donated van seeking out people in need of a good meal. He personally delivers delicious vegetarian cuisine, feeding almost 400 people every day, the news source reports.

Like many foreign-born workers, Krishnan is striving to find a way to help struggling people who are living in his home nation. Many other immigrants working abroad send money to India to help provide for family members at home. Indian immigrants make up the fourth largest immigrant population in the U.S., according to the Migration Information Source.

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