Skip to content Goes to Bollywood: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our New Commercial

He’s not a ‘Kapoor’ or a ‘Khan,’ but his name is ‘Karan’ – the star parrot that steals the show in the new TV commercial!

Ever heard of parrots coming for an audition? Finding the star parrot for the latest TV commercial was no joke – even in Mumbai. After a few auditions, the parrot chosen had to travel to Mumbai from Pune with his master Purushottam Ji.

‘Karan’, – (the parrot’s screen name, affectionately called Totelal) surely had a Bollywood temperament with moments of shyness mixed with a ‘Don’t touch me’ attitude, only performing when his master cajoled him. Can’t be a star without some nakhras!


However, after a few rehearsals with his screen master, Karan (Totelal) warmed up to the lens and was on a role flipping tarot cards for everyone on set! Shot against the colorful backdrop of an Indian bazaar, the TV commercial for will launch in the next few days – be on the look out!

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