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Netherlands narrowly beats out England in ICC Match

England’s cricket team narrowly beat out the group from the Netherlands on Tuesday, February 22, in a thrilling match that was part of the ICC Cricket World Cup. England’s six-wicket win was only eight balls over their opponent’s final score, according to Reuters Africa.

Ryan ten Doeschate, batsmen for The Netherlands, had a particularly good showing, and it seemed as though he was going to lead his team to victory. England’s players may have been slightly embarrassed by their sloppy bowling and fielding efforts, according to the news source.

Many British citizens have traveled to India, where the games are taking place, in order to watch the games first-hand. Visitors to the region will have someone at home who can wire money should they run out of funds.

“We got a lot of things wrong with our bowling, and we let them off the hook three or four times in the field as well,” British skipper Andrew Strauss told the news source. “So it was very poor first 50. We’ve got to take that on the chin, learn from it very quickly because we can’t afford to do that too often.”

Notable performers on the British team included Strauss, as well as Paul Collilngwood, Ravi Bopara and Kevin Pietersen.

The game took place at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, in Nagpur, India. The field opened in November of 2008, and has only been used three times in previous matches.

The next game will be played on February 23 between Pakistan and Kenya. England’s next match isn’t until February 27, when the British boys will take on India at the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, India. The Netherlands team won’t compete until the 28 of February, when they will take on the West Indies.

This is the 9th edition of the Cricket World Cup, which was first played in 1975. Australia’s team has the most wins, having won the 1987, 1999, 2003 and 2007 games.

There will be millions of people watching the games on television, live and via the web. Those who want to catch all the action of the beloved games can watch every cricket match online.


Copa Libertadores 2011

El pasado jueves 17 de Febrero, los hinchas del equipo brasilero Gremio se dieron un gusto al presenciar el holgado triunfo por 3 a 0 en contra de un débil Oriente Petrolero. Si bien, el partido fue parejo hasta el primer tiempo, el equipo boliviano empezó a tambalear cuando se cobró un penal inexistente a favor de los Gauchos, lo cual inclinó el resultado para Gremio.

Si bien, Oriente Petrolero hizo un buen debut en los primeros minutos del partido y no se vio atemorizado por el poderío del equipo brasilero, el segundo gol que llego a los 49 minutos fue decisivo y marcó la debilidad del plantel Boliviano.

Asimismo, otra sorpresa la dio el equipo paraguayo Cerro Porteño quien derrotó a uno de los grandes equipos chilenos, Colo- Colo por un 5-2. Cerro Porteño se mostró más fuerte que su rival en el primer minuto, permitiendo un gol de Roberto Nanni.

A pesar del frenético comienzo, Colo-Colo logró marcar en el minuto 12 del partido, sin embargo las diferencias para derribar a Cerro Porteño se hicieron mayores al transcurrir el partido. Según Luis Perez , entrenador interino de Colo- Colo, “en realidad, fue un partido muy extraño. Dimos algunas licencias importantes, que en Copa Libertadores son decisivas. A los dos minutos regalamos una jugada y comenzando el segundo tiempo otra más. Sin dudas tuvimos debilidades en las dos áreas. Los goles que nos convirtieron pudieron haber sido lapidarios pero el equipo tuvo fuerza para levantar y tomar las riendas del partido. Desafortunadamente no tuvimos la precisión para haber concretado las opciones de goles, porque pudimos terminar el primer tiempo en igualdad”, declaró el DT tras el partido.

En toda Sudamerica el fútbol es reconocido como el deporte que atrae mayor número de fans, es por esto que muchos ahorran un envio de dinero para viajar s los distintos países donde se desarrolla la Copa.


ICC Cricket World Cup starts off with a bang

The ICC Cricket World Cup is officially underway, as the first matches of the event took place over the weekend. Here’s a review for those who missed the games. In the future, be sure to catch all the action and watch every cricket game online!

In the first match of the event, India beat Bangladesh by 87 runs, according to The Times of India. However, despite their large win, the team from India still has some tactics they need to work on. According to the news source, there were many misfields. However, Virender Sehwag, Man of the Match, was pleased that he helped lead his team to victory in the high-profile game.

In the next game, which took place on February 20, in India, New Zealand beat out Kenya by 10 wickets. Many people living in India attended the game, and some were aided by family and friends who were able to send a money transfer to India to help cover travel and ticket expenses.

Sri Lanka was victorious in the next game, beating Canada by 210 runs on February 20, at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. According to the Sunday Observer, Sri Lanka’s Mehela Jaytawardne made 100 off 81 balls while Kumar Sangakkara scored 92 off 87 balls.

Finally, in the most recent game, Australia defeated Zimbabwe by 91 runs. This match took place at India’s Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium in Motera on February 21. Shane Watson is seen as the lead player on the Aussie team, putting up 61 for the first wicket with Brad Haddin, and then completing a total of 79 from 92 balls, according to CNN.

The news source reports that Australia is vying for the overall win of the tournament this year, which would be their fourth victory in the ICC World Cup in a row. However, judging by the other results of the matches so far, it looks like the team from Down Under will have plenty of tough competition.

The next event will be played on February 22, and will pit England against the Netherlands at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium in Nagpur. Following that, Pakistan will take on Kenya on February 23 at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium.


Ryan Giggs to play another season for Manchester United

Acclaimed football player Ryan Giggs has signed on to play another season for Manchester United in the UK, according to the Canadian Associated Press. This has big implications for every team in the league, as Giggs is often hailed as one of the best players in history.

The 37-year-old winger doesn’t show any signs of wanting to stop the sport just because of his age. Thus far, he has played a record number of games with Manchester United – 856 times – since he originally made his debut in March of 1991.

“You can see his fitness – it is incredible. He could do another year, who knows, another two years,” United manager Alex Ferguson told the news provider.

Giggs was recently named the best player to ever play for Manchester United, claiming the title from challengers such as Bobby Charlton, George Best and Eric Cantona, according to Yahoo Sports.

The choice was made by fans of all ages, who flocked to the website of the club’s magazine, Inside United, as well as the Facebook page to give their feedback. He was chosen over the other candidates by a large margin, according to The Times of India.

Ferguson told Inside United that he wasn’t surprised about the results, the news source reports.

“Longevity always comes into play in these things and Ryan has been around here for more time than any other player,” he said. “He recently appeared in his 600th league game, which is an exceptional achievement.”

He added that Giggs’ performance has been in top form for two decades.

While Giggs himself said that he was a little surprised about winning the title, especially with the respectable competition on the Man U team, he did seem to echo Ferguson’s sentiments about longevity, saying that he didn’t feel 37.

Many fans will conduct a money transfer upon hearing the news, particularly those who are interested in sports betting. Giggs’ extraordinary performance is expected to continue next season, which could have a lot of benefits for Manchester United’s performance.

Giggs has thus far won 11 Premier League winner’s medals and is looking toward number 12. Additionally, he has won four Football Association cup medals, three from the League Cup and two for the Champion League.

He is the most decorated player in English football and is the only one to have scored in every season of the Premier League for any club.


Celebrating Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas is only a few weeks away and many cultures across the globe are gearing up for the holiday. In the Philippines, Christians celebrate the holiday from December 16 through the first Sunday of January, which is the day of the Feast of the Three Kings, according to the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University.

The Philippines is the only nation in Asia in which Christianity is the predominate religion. Therefore the Christmas holiday is a major celebration full of decorations, food and gatherings of close friends and family.

However, the holiday season in the Philippines is very different from others in the world because of the country’s warm climate. Instead of snow and pine trees, Christmas time in the Philippines is marked with flowers and warm weather.

Filipino citizens living in other nations who want to celebrate with their family and friends often send money to the Philippines as a gift.

Decorations during this time of year in the Philippines include brightly colored lights and Christmas cards depicting festive scenes which are hung around a family’s living room. Some families will host a talent show on Christmas eve, according to the news source.


How to know if your online money transfer will be secure

Identity theft is a concern for many in the U.S., particularly for people who regularly send money online to friends or family. Fortunately, consumers can keep an eye out for certifications that many trustworthy companies enlist to guarantee that their customers' personal information will be well-guarded.

One of these certifications is the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program. TRUSTe is an organization that reviews company's privacy policies. They only issue a seal to groups that offer superb consumer protection.

The Better Business Bureau is one of the most trusted consumer advocacy agencies in the U.S. This group also issues a seal to indicate that a company is trustworthy and has not been cited for any predatory policies that may compromise one's personal information.

Lastly, those who are sending money on the web should look for the VeriSign Secure Sight Seal, which is a large check mark in a maroon circle. This mark is provided to websites that ensure that private information is encrypted, meaning it can't be read by unauthorized third parties.

These certifications aren't given out to any company – organizations that want to be verified by these security industries must go through a rigorous application process. Additionally, consumers can submit complaints should they question the privacy and security of an organization that has received a verification.

In order to receive a seal from TRUSTe, businesses must submit copies of their online privacy statement, completed master services agreements and a completed self-assessment form provided by TRUSTe. The privacy statement must outline notice of how personal data is collected and used, consumers' privacy choices and consent, access by individual customers to their personal information and a summary of the security measures employed by the website. All of these documents will be reviewed by security experts at TRUSTe before the certification is given.

To be accredited by the BBB , applicants must have been operational in a BBB service area for at least one year and must fulfill all licensing and bonding requirements of their jurisdictions. The BBB will also check to ensure that the organization has not been reprimanded by the government for any action that compromises BBB standards. Companies certified by the BBB must also prove that they have advertised honestly, accurately represented their products and services and maintain transparency. This includes disclosing to customers the terms of written contract, the total cost of all transactions and the company's return/refund policy.

When sending money internationally, consumers should familiarize themselves with these seals and always be sure that the company they use to send international money transfers feature these certifications.


Students studying abroad must keep their tuition in mind

Students may choose to study abroad for a variety of reasons. They may be seeking an adventure, want to pursue a career path that isn't available to them in their home nation or hoping to find a lower tuition rate. Others still may be hoping to land a job in a foreign nation, so that they can send a remittance home to their family. However, there are many aspects one must take into account before making the decision to enroll in a foreign college or university.

According to the Wall Street Journal, rising tuition costs in the U.S. are causing many American citizens to look to the U.K. as an option for college. Additionally, students from England, India and other nations often choose to acquire their diplomas in a foreign nation.

For students in the U.S., one excellent resource to review before making the decision to travel for school is the U.S. Department of State's webpage one word for students abroad. This page site offers a list of travel documents, as well as tips on how to travel safely. Pupils can also find a listing of all U.S. embassies, which can be very helpful in the case of an emergency.

Students may also want to seek out the advice of a college counselor who may be able to provide them with a list of schools that have accessible study abroad programs. Furthermore, the website offers professional and student perspectives on various locations throughout the world that offer study abroad programs.

Another major issue for students who are considering traveling abroad for study is tuition costs and other fees. Though attending a school in another country may be less costly, it's likely that many students will graduate from their place of study with loans that they must pay off. Before leaving their school, graduates should be sure that they have a good understanding on how much they are expected to pay, and what institution will require payments.

For students borrowing money from the U.S. government, the education department's webpage on student aid is an excellent resource. The site provides a clear outline of typical payment information, including grace periods and repayment plans.

Some students may find that they need to send money internationally after they graduate. Many students choose to wire money abroad in order to make loan payments overseas.


Sending child support overseas

While many responsible divorced or non-married couples with children have arrangements regarding child support, there may be complications when one party moves overseas. For those who pay child support and are planning to move abroad, there are many factors to consider.

Most importantly, before one parent moves abroad, both adults who care for the child at hand must come to an agreement about the terms and conditions of the move. Without permission from a court, the act of moving a child to another country could be considered abduction, according to the UK's Child Support Laws.

One excellent resource for parents who are planning on moving abroad, or those who have a former spouse or partner residing in another country, is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families. Here you'll find information about the ins and outs of child support, including a wealth of information on international child support.

The organization lists a number of countries and their respective enforcement laws concerning international child support. The website also lists country-specific resources that offer more in-depth information.

Adults who have reached an agreement with the recipient of their child support have several options on how to wire money to make payments. Many choose to send money online through a secure money transfer service.

The U.S. State department reminds those who are considering moving abroad that it is not possible to obtain a passport if you owe $2,500 or more in child support. Once the amount owed is paid off, it may take up to three weeks before Passport Services processes the passport application.

Child support enforcement laws in the U.S. depend on state legislation. Those who are sending money internationally should have a full grasp of both U.S. state laws and the laws of the nation in which they reside, in order to avoid any legal trouble. The website offers an easy-to-access resource that clearly outlines the various state laws regarding child support enforcement and collection.


Understanding indicative exchange rates

Whether traveling to another country or calculating fees attached to monthly remittances, understanding indicative exchange rates is essential.

Exchange rates can be particularly confusing if you received varying quotes on currency values from different sources. That's why it's best to research interbank rates, which are the currency rates banks use when exchanging large sums of money.

These rates indicate the value of one nation's currency as compared to another – for instance, the difference between the value of one U.S. dollar versus the value of one Indian rupee.

As of the time this article was written on November 1, 2010, one American dollar is worth 44.24 rupee, according to Oanda. This means that a single dollar in the U.S. could purchase the same amount of product as 44.24 rupees in India.

Because these rates change on a daily basis, it is important that those who regularly send an international money transfer to loved ones who are living abroad to keep abreast of fluctuating currencies. There are a number of resources that will help you understand current indicative exchange rates.

Many websites, such as, list the exact exchange rate for most nations. This website is free to use and is an excellent resource for immigrants living abroad.

However, sending money through a bank may lead the money sender to spend more on a remittance, as many companies and banks will charge a large premium on the currency rates.

Additionally, some money wiring companies will indicate a specific rate on their homepage, but will then hold the money for three to five days in hopes that exchange rates will change for their benefit. These companies often do not deliver the exact amount they initially indicate.

Fortunately, there are some private money transfer companies that promise a "locked-in" exchange rate that will not change, even if currency values fluctuate while the money is in transit.

If you send an online money transfer to family members or loved ones in your home nation, then you may find that some of the most secure online money transfer companies list exact exchange rates, in addition to sending fees, directly on their website.

Monitoring exchange rates and investigating private money transfer policies will ensure that you get the best deal when sending money abroad. 


Top three ways to ensure a secure money transfer

The internet can provide services that allow us to connect with family and friends who live far away. However, the openness of the world wide web also creates opportunities for criminals who use the net’s anonymity to take advantage of those who don’t use safe strategies when browsing. Follow these three tips to enhance your online security:

1. Never give out personal information online

It’s essential to keep personal information, such as credit card and social security numbers, addresses, passwords and other sensitive data, private – especially when surfing the web. Should this information fall into the wrong hands, criminals could use it to steal your identity.

2. Be careful when using an unsecured computer

If you are browsing the internet at a library or a friend’s house, remember that many websites store personal information automatically. It’s best not to record passwords or other private info when using a computer that is unfamiliar.

3. Use well-known companies when transferring money

The internet can be a simple and easy way to wire money, but it’s always best to use a company that you trust when making online money transfers. This will ensure that your funds arrive at their destination safely and in full.