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Easypagos Joins Xoom’s Payout Network for Money Transfers to Ecuador


Easypagos sees agreement as a tool to tap growing market of online and mobile remittances

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 1, 2013 – Xoom Corporation (NASDAQ: XOOM), a leading digital money transfer provider, today announced that Easypagos, through its partnership with Transnetwork Corporation, is offering Xoom’s international money transfer services at more than 100 Easypagos locations in Ecuador.  The partnership expands Xoom’s payout network to more than 1,000 locations in Ecuador, including banks such as Banco Pichincha and Banco de Guayaquil.

“Xoom’s mission is to provide customers a seamless, convenient solution to send money back home,” said Julian King, Xoom’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development. “By partnering with Easypagos, we provide customers a payout of their choice and a seamless experience for both the sender and recipient.”

Xoom is partnering with Transnetwork Corporation and Easypagos to offer Xoom customers more options when sending money to Ecuador.  Xoom customers can send money to be picked up in cash at Easypagos locations, open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM. to 5:00 PM and on weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. See for more information.

Sending money conveniently from a computer or mobile device makes the money transfer process easier for the Ecuadorian community, especially for those working long hours with almost no time to visit a store,” says Silvia Subia de Baste, General Manager at Easypagos. “We’re proud of this agreement that has been forged so that Xoom customers can send money safely and conveniently to the Easypagos network.”

To send money to Ecuador, customers can log in to, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any internet connected device and then follow the simple steps to complete their money transfer.

About Xoom
Xoom is a digital money transfer provider, focused on helping consumers send money in a secure, fast and cost-effective way using a smartphone, tablet or computer. During the 12 months ended March 31, 2013, Xoom’s more than 840,000 active customers sent more than $3.6 billion to family and friends in 30 countries worldwide. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and can be found online at

About EasypagosEasypagos S.A. is an Ecuadorian company, which began operations in October of 2000, and specializes in international shipping and receiving money. Currently, the Easypagos network has over 500 affiliated cooperatives in 232 cities in Ecuador, the majority belonging to prestigious financial institutions.

About Transnetwork
Transnetwork, based in Houston, Texas, provides a turnkey solution to the international payments industry by providing a diversified payment network throughout Mexico, Central and South America of more than 13,000 points of payment consisting of the leading banks and large box retailers in the region.


Easypagos expande su red de pagos en Ecuador con Easypagos


Easypagos ve este acuerdo como una herramienta para participar del creciente mercado de remesas en línea y móvil

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 1, 2013 – Xoom Corporation (NASDAQ: XOOM), un proveedor mundial de envíos de dinero por Internet, ha empezado a ofrecer envíos internacionales de dinero a más de 100 puntos de pago de Easypagos en Ecuador a través de su asociación con Transnetwork. Con esta asociación, la red de Xoom se expande a más de 1,000 puntos de pago en Ecuador, incluyendo socios como Banco Pichincha y Banco de Guayaquil.

“La misión de Xoom es proveerle a nuestros clientes, una solución transparente y conveniente para enviar dinero de regreso a casa,” dice Julian King Vicepresidente de Mercadeo y Desarrollo Comercial de Xoom. “Al unirnos con Easypagos, le proveemos a nuestros clientes una forma de pago de su elección y una experiencia sin trabas tanto para el que envía como para el que recibe.”

Xoom se une con Transnetwork y con Easypagos para ofrecerle a los clientes de Xoom más opciones al enviar dinero al Ecuador. Los clientes de Xoom pueden enviar dinero para pago en ventanilla a los puntos de pago de Easypagos, los cuales abren de Lunes a Viernes de 8:00 am a 5:00pm y los fines de semana de 9:00 am a 1:00pm. Haga clic aquí para más información.

Enviar dinero convenientemente desde una computadora o cualquier aparato conectado a la internet hace que el proceso del envío de dinero sea más fácil para la comunidad Ecuatoriana, especialmente para aquellos quienes trabajan largas horas sin tiempo de visitar una tienda.” Dice Silvia Subía de Baste, Gerente General de Easypagos. “Estamos orgullosos que se haya forjado este acuerdo para que los clientes de Xoom puedan hacer envíos de dinero fácil y convenientemente a la red de Easypagos.

Para enviar dinero al Ecuador, los clientes pueden ingresar a las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana desde cualquier aparato conectado a la internet y seguir los sencillos pasos para completar su envío de dinero, ahora con la opción de pago en ventanilla en la red Easypagos.

About Xoom
Xoom es un proveedor digital de envíos de dinero, que se enfoca en ayudar a los consumidores enviar dinero de una forma segura, rápida y rentable usando su teléfono celular conectado a internet, tablet o computadora. Durante los 12 meses finalizando en Marzo 31, 2013, los más de 840.000 clientes activos de Xoom enviaron más de US$3.6 mil millones a familiares y amigos en más de 30 países alrededor del mundo. El centro de operaciones de la compañía está en San Francisco y puede ser encontrada en línea en

Sobre Easypagos
Easypagos S.A. es una compañía ecuatoriana que comienza operaciones en Octubre del 2000 y se especializa en envíos internacionales y recepción de dinero. Actualmente, la red Easypagos tiene más de 500 cooperativas afiliadas en 232 ciudades del Ecuador, la mayoría pertenecientes a prestigiosas instituciones financieras.

Sobre Transnetwork
Transnetwork, basado en Houston, Texas, provee una solución completamente lista para la industria internacional de pagos al proveer una red diversificada de pagos a través de México, Centro y Sur América con más de 13.000 puntos de pago consistentes de los bancos líderes y grandes detallistas de la región.


National Pyrotechnic Festival lights up Mexico

National Pyrotechnic Festival lights up Mexico

Mexico's National Pyrotechnic Festival is an annual tradition that features stunning fireworks displays. Various Mexican residents and those who live outside of the nation and send money to citizens back home frequently enjoy this event, as it features nine days of fun-filled activities for attendees of all ages.

The Huffington Post points out that around 100,000 people visit the festival every year, and it continues to be a popular attraction for both local residents and tourists. This event takes place in Tultepec and often features music, dancing, food and, of course, fireworks, which make it a one-of-a-kind gathering.

What to expect from the National Pyrotechnic Festival
When it comes to the National Pyrotechnic Festival, perhaps the best advice is to expect the unexpected. Each year, new attractions are introduced that help make the event unique.

For example, the news source notes that contests are often held throughout the gathering, including competitions that involve building wooden monuments filled with essential materials to create dazzling light sequences. Each display is expected to last around 30 minutes, and regardless of who wins, participants can enjoy first-rate sights and sounds.

Additionally, the National Pyrotechnic Festival features "pamplonas" (Running of the Bulls), which is commonly considered its main attraction. During pamplonas, about 250 moving bull-shaped wooden frames are filled with fireworks. Once these are lit up, they create majestic displays that usually last for hours.

Why is the National Pyrotechnic Festival an ongoing attraction?
Those who want to experience thrills and excitement during a Mexican excursion should consider checking out the National Pyrotechnic Festival. Gizmodo reports that this festival has been around since the mid 19th century and continues to draw many tourists to Tultepec every year, a trend that may continue in the near future.

The Mexican tourism segment could profit if more visitors are drawn to the National Pyrotechnic Festival going forward. This event, which celebrates the country's development and use of fireworks, may allow numerous Mexican businesses to boost their sales for years to come.

Meanwhile, the National Pyrotechnic Festival might also help Mexico extend its global reach. Because the nation offers a unique celebration that attendees can look forward to year after year, the country could promote the gathering to visitors. If the event continues to grow, many Mexican companies and residents may benefit, and the nation could increase its revenue as well.


Mexico City to host NBA matchup

Mexico City to host NBA matchup

The NBA season recently came to a close, but preparations are already underway in many areas for the 2013-14 schedule. In fact, Mexico City will host an NBA game next season, which could have major effects on numerous Mexican residents and those who live outside of the nation and send money back home.

NBA officials announced that the Minnesota Timberwolves and San Antonio Spurs will face off during a regular-season contest in Mexico City on December 4, 2013. The game will take place at Mexico City Arena and is part of the NBA's efforts to extend its global reach.

Mexico City is a popular NBA destination
The 2013 matchup will mark the 21st time the NBA has hosted a game in Mexico. However, the matchup is the first time the Timberwolves will play in Mexico, while it will be the fifth time the Spurs have visited this country.

Dating back to 1990, the NBA has played 18 regular-season games outside of the U.S. and Canada. Mexico has hosted the most NBA matchups, aside from the United States and Canada, and offers numerous marketing opportunities to the association.

Timberwolves president Chris Wright points out that his team has a great chance to boost its international presence thanks in part to its upcoming matchup against the Spurs in Mexico City. While his squad has done plenty of work over the years to build a talented roster, the NBA may be able to get more people around the globe interested in basketball if it hosts additional contests in Mexico City and other international venues in the future.

"With the huge international presence on our current roster and our increasing global popularity, this is a natural fit for us," Wright said. "The NBA has done a phenomenal job in growing our game globally and we're excited to be a part of history as the NBA continues to expand its brand internationally."

Building a global brand
The Olympian reports that the NBA will also host a regular-season contest in London this season between the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets. By promoting games in Mexico City, London and other regions around the globe, the association may be able to boost its profits for years to come.

Additionally, the Mexican economy could significantly benefit from the upcoming NBA matchup in Mexico City. In fact, if more Mexican youths start playing basketball, the sport may quickly become a popular choice for adolescents throughout the nation.


Mexico could become a global technology leader

Mexico could become a global technology leader

Over the next several years, Mexico could establish itself as an innovator in the global economy. In fact, the country's recent investments may set it up for long-term economic growth, which could significantly impact those who already live in the nation and people who send money to friends and family members back home.

According to ABC News, Mexico is poised to perform in the international technology sector for a number of reasons. Not only does this country have a tremendous pool of talent to help fill job vacancies, but it also has shown it is willing to invest in local businesses for years to come.

More investments in the Mexican economy
For many countries, the effects of the economic recession of the late 2000s are still being dealt with today. Many nations want to make significant economic improvements, but often lack the resources and know-how to help their citizens.

Mexico, on the other hand, is in great position to thrive. The news source points out that this country could quickly become Latin America's technology leader thanks in part to the work of its dedicated leaders.

After the economic downturn, the nation has been garnering attention from various domestic and foreign investors, which could help it increase its profits. Meanwhile, new technology sector investments may allow the country to reach new heights in the immediate future.

Tech startups profiting in Mexico
NPR reports that numerous technology firms that are looking to establish themselves in Mexico have benefited from a gradually improving global economy. While many of these startup businesses might have encountered financial hurdles in the past, various companies are profiting because of Mexico's proximity to the U.S.

"I think it's safe to say that without the U.S., the Mexico market would not be doing very well," Morgan Yeates, an analyst with IT consulting firm Gartner, told the news source. "More and more partnerships are happening between the U.S. and Mexico."

Companies that want to bolster their international reach may consider investments in Mexico as well. This country offers many growth opportunities, as it is located near the U.S. and features numerous employment seekers who are ready to contribute to the technology segment and other industries.

In the future, several Mexican businesses could increase their revenues if they continue to explore partnerships with U.S. firms. The Mexican economy may grow accordingly, and more of the country's job seekers could find plenty of employment opportunities so they can accomplish their career goals.


GM makes major investment in Mexican operations

GM makes major investment in Mexican operations

Mexico continues to be an appealing destination for automotive manufacturers around the globe. For instance, General Motors recently announced plans to invest $691 million in the country, which could significantly impact the nation's residents and those who live outside of Mexico and send money to friends and family members back home.

According to Reuters, GM intends to set up a new factory in central Mexico in the near future, allowing the company to take advantage of a lucrative international automotive market. As the global economy recovers from the downturn of the late 2000s, GM may be able to noticeably boost its profits thanks in part to this recent investment.

GM Mexico president Ernesto Hernandez notes that Mexico may be able to overtake Brazil as Latin America's top automotive manufacturer over the next few years as well. Because Mexico features a talented labor force, GM can make the most of its growth opportunity by investing in its operations in this country.

"The automotive sector is today one of the pillars of the [Mexican] economy, representing more than 20 percent of manufacturing GDP and continues to be, for many reasons, a fundamental industry in attracting investments to productive sectors of the economy," Hernandez told the news source.

GM will add jobs to the Mexican economy
While unemployment was a major problem during the recession, more Mexican job seekers could benefit from GM's recent investment. The news source reports that this automotive manufacturer already employs about 15,000 staff members at its Mexico locations and plans to add team members to its staff soon.

With the second largest vehicle output in Mexico, GM has already established its presence in the nation. However, the next few years may prove to be vital for the company's long-term success. 

By increasing its presence in Mexico, GM will be able to create top-notch vehicles that can be enjoyed by motorists worldwide. This automotive supplier has operated in Mexico for 78 years and continues to be a major contributor to the Mexican economy.

Meanwhile, Mexican citizens could reap the rewards of GM's investments as well. The business will continue to search for ways to provide dependable support to drivers, and numerous Mexican workers can help this company achieve its long-term goals.

New cars released in Mexico
To extend its global reach even further, GM also unveiled new options to Mexican consumers recently. The Detroit News notes that this automobile provider began offering OnStar services to Mexican motorists this month, allowing more people than ever before to stay safe while driving. 

"This is an important step in GM's global growth and in making connectivity services available to more consumers around the world," GM spokesperson Mary Chan told the news source.

Available since 1996, OnStar makes it simple for motorists to receive immediate support if an accident occurs. Currently, OnStar services are offered to millions of drivers in Canada, China and the U.S., but the recent expansion into Mexico may make it simple for motorists to safely navigate the roads throughout the nation.

A Mexican OnStar call center has also been launched to assist motorists who require urgent assistance. Live operators will be readily available to help drivers should they encounter problems, making it simple for them to get the support they need around the clock.

GM continues to make a difference in the lives of many Mexicans, a trend that is likely to continue. As this automotive supplier evaluates various ways to bolster its global reputation, it could make new investments in Mexico that may help the nation over the next few years.


Mexico’s walnut production on the rise

Mexico's walnut production on the rise

The Mexican economy is diverse, relying on numerous industries to thrive. In fact, the nation’s walnut suppliers could see significant profits over the next several years, especially if the country continues to rebound from the global economic downturn of the late 2000s.

According to FreshPlaza, the country’s walnut suppliers produced 60,000 tons in 2012, a figure that may rise this year. Gloria Baca Marquez, president of the Walnut Product System Mexican Committee, added that these companies enjoyed substantial profits as well.

How will Mexico’s walnut production affect the global economy?
In 2012, several Mexican walnut producers were concerned about the sector due in part to the decline in consumption in 2011. While there was significant overstock in many suppliers’ warehouses in 2012, numerous providers watched their profits increase throughout the year.

If more walnuts are shipped around the world, Mexican residents and those who live in the U.S. and send money to family members and friends back home could benefit. As Mexican leaders search for ways to boost the nation’s profits, walnuts may help the country improve its global reputation.

Mining could also play a significant role in Mexico
Numerous mining investments could allow the Mexican economy to expand in the near future. contributor Cecilia Jamasmie points out that the nation’s mining industry could receive around $8 billion in investments this year.

Meanwhile, this total may significantly rise by 2018 as well. In the next five years, several mining industry experts predict that investments in this area could exceed $25 billion.

Because many investors are interested in gold and silver around Mexico, this country could significantly profit thanks in part to its mining sector. Currently, the nation ranks fifth globally for its mining investments.

Additionally, Mexican leaders could see notable increases in how much is spent on exploration. The nation does not charge investors based on mining production or profits, but instead issues a 30 percent income tax and fees depending on how much land companies use for mining.

Mexican job seekers may be able to pursue careers in the mining industry, as new opportunities could become available soon. If more mining companies consider the opportunities in Mexico, the county’s jobless rate could decrease, and more of the nation’s residents may be able to contribute to the area’s economic growth for years to come.


Travelers can enjoy trips to numerous Mexican destinations

Travelers can enjoy trips to numerous Mexican destinations

Visiting Mexico is perfect for travelers of all ages, including those who are looking for fun-filled excursions that take them to exotic destinations. In fact, there are numerous Mexican hot spots featuring must-see attractions around the nation that many vacationers might not know about.

For example, Querétaro is a Mexican colonial town that has its own charm. This hidden gem has preserved its downtown over the years and has many beautiful spots that have helped it earn the nickname “Pearl of the Baijo.”

Additionally, those who visit Querétaro can find out more about what makes Mexico’s culture and history unique. The town highlights the nation’s multiethnic population, and even many Mexican citizens who work in the U.S. and send money to family members back home regularly will enjoy trips to this destination.

Mexico’s tourism sector may grow
Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Mexico’s secretary of tourism, is one of several Mexican officials who wants the country’s tourism segment to grow exponentially over the next few years. In fact, she called Mexico’s tourism sector a significant economic driver for the country, as it may help the nation boost its profits quickly.

As Mexican leaders explore ways to promote myriad tourist attractions, these administrators are making various improvements across the country. For example, Querétaro Today notes that the Mexico’s transport and communications ministry is examining the benefits of a potential high-speed rail link between Mexico City and Querétaro. The train would travel between 120 and 140 miles per hour, which would make it easier for visitors to make trips back and forth from Mexico City to Querétaro without delay.

“The Mexico-Querétaro train is a dream that we can achieve,” ministry spokesperson Gerardo Ruiz told the news source. “If they managed to build trains in the last century, I don’t see why we can’t achieve it in the 21st century.”

Mahahual-Chetumal Bridge could also impact many visitors
Mexican officials plan to construct a 20-mile bridge across Chetumal Bay, helping both residents and visitors. The bridge would extend over water to connect the two destinations, even allowing people to explore Xcalak, Mexico’s southernmost Caribbean outpost.

Meanwhile, several Mexican destinations are also proving to be popular choices for many brides and grooms. SmartPlanet notes that Puerto Vallarta and the Mayan Riviera were among the top selections for newlyweds in 2012, and roughly 200 weddings were held in these areas last year.