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Will you watch the Miss Universe pageant on TV on Jan. 25?

There are some television shows that many people find irresistible, and that’s just fine. But on the other hand, there are also other TV shows that you wouldn’t even reach across the table for the channel clicker to watch them.

That’s sort of the fun of it, isn’t it? One of those television programs that could fall into either category is coming up. So Xoom, an international leader in the global money transfer business, thought it would be a good idea to take a survey of its clients and asked them, ‘Will you watch the Miss Universe pageant on TV on Jan. 25?’

It needs to be noted that Mary Jean Lastimosa, better known simply as MJ, holds the crown as the Philippines contestant and is considered one of the favorites to win the Miss Universe competition.

Some 40 percent of those who took part in the survey said no, they aren’t going to watch, but 30 percent said, sure, they would watch the Miss Universe pageant. And some of the respondents simply couldn’t make up their mind – 30 percent said they might watch it.


Do you think you can keep your New Year’s resolutions?

It’s virtually the same thing, over and over, and happens almost at the very instant that the New Year begins. You know the drill by now, so let’s get right to it. What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Of course, the list from which to choose is long every time, but it includes the usual ideas: Lose weight, stop smoking, be a better person, walk away from the cookie jar.

Anyway, it’s this time of the New Year that prompted Xoom to start thinking about it all. So Xoom, a global leader in the money transfer business, decided to conduct an exclusive survey of its clients and asked this question: ‘Do you think you will keep your New Year’s Resolutions?’

That’s cutting right to the chase. The majority of those who took part in the survey, 37 percent, said yes, they would keep their resolutions, but interestingly enough, the next highest percentage, 33 percent, said they had no resolutions. But 26 said maybe and only four percent said they would not keep their New Year’s Resolutions.


What is your top New Year’s resolution?

What do you think about when you’re starting a new year? It’s more than just flipping the pages of a calendar. Some people have an annual ritual that takes place right about now and it involves some thinking and some planning and some ambition. You might even do what we’re talking about, too: New Year’s resolutions.

They often turn out hard to keep, but you’ve got to start somewhere, because if you’re just standing still, you’re falling behind. Xoom, an acknowledged global leader in the money transfer business, conducted an exclusive survey of its FilAm customers and asked about New Year’s resolutions. What’s at the top of the list?

An even 42 percent said their top New Year’s resolution was the stay fit and to eat healthy. And 17 percent said their primary resolution was to save more money. Another 12 percent of the respondents said their top New Year’s resolution was to spend more time with their loved ones, 10 percent said they wanted to manage stress better and 8 percent answered that their top New Year’s resolution was to drop some pounds and lose weight.

And one more thing: Happy New Year!


What Christmas gift will you give your loved ones in the Philippines?

One of the great pleasures at this time of year is the ‘gift’ of giving. Showing a token of your affection to the people that you’re close to is such a worthwhile act, and it’s appreciated in such a heartwarming manner. For sure, those on the receiving end of gifts, they clearly are feeling just as special to be remembered in such a thoughtful way. But at the same time, remember that gift-giving comes with some time constraints. You’ve got to shop and you’ve got to send.

Working one step ahead, Xoom decided to conduct a survey, asking its FilAm customers a seasonal question – What Christmas gift will you give your loved ones back home in the Philippines?

Xoom, a leader in the money transfer business, found out that the overwhelming top answer was money, from 82 percent who took part in the survey. Another 41 percent said their choice of Christmas gift for their loved ones was clothes or shoes or wearing apparel. Some 32 percent said they would give food to their friends and family in the Philippines and 14 percent answered that a greeting card was their choice of Christmas gift.


Where will you shop on Black Friday?

It’s probably difficult, if not totally impossible, to find someone who doesn’t like a good deal. That doesn’t necessarily mean you like shopping, but it sure smooths out the rough edges if you can save money and still find the goods that you’re looking for.

Shopping on Black Friday has graduated from being the new kid on the block to a legitimate national pastime. Stores open earlier and earlier, the online deals get better and better and the crowds get larger and larger. It’s hard to miss Black Friday anymore.

That prompted Xoom to find out more. So the global money transfer giant decided to conduct an exclusive survey of its FilAm customers and ask this question: ‘Where will you shop on Black Friday?’

As it turns out, the answers were basically ‘everywhere.’

Some 34 percent of the respondents in the survey said they will shop in stores while 23 percent said they would shop both in stores and online. And 12 percent answered that they would do their Black Friday shopping online only. Meanwhile, 31 percent said they didn’t have any plans to shop at all on Black Friday.


Where do you typically eat lunch?

Let’s talk about food, probably one of the more popular topics to discuss. Specifically, let’s talk about lunch. Eating lunch isn’t just a way to fill your tank, it can also be a welcome break from work, it represents the daily transition from morning to afternoon, it’s a good time to socialize or it’s simply an opportunity to eat the kind of food you enjoy.

But where do you eat your lunch? Xoom was interested in that question, so the money transfer business conducted a survey of its FilAm customers to find out. What Xoom discovered was a revealing cross-section of lunch-time locales.

The majority of respondents, 54 percent of those surveyed, said they eat lunch at home. Those in office settings weighed in, too. A full 17 percent answered the question by saying they at their desk at work and following closely behind, 16 percent said they eat their lunch in the office cafeteria or the lunch room. And 9 percent of those who took part in the survey said they eat their lunch in restaurants. Bon appétit.


Do you enjoy watching commercials on TV?

Holding the TV remote control is a position of power. Everybody knows that. Having the TV remote control device in your hands means the place where you’re parked on the sofa represents the current seat of authority.

Yes, you can change the television channel, although politeness dictates that it’s usually nice to ask anyone else in the room if they mind. But there’s also something else you can do with the remote control. You can mute the sound. It might be wise to ask for permission to do that as well.

On the other hand, if you do mute the sound, you can’t watch the TV commercials. Now that’s a subject that interested Xoom. The money transfer business powerhouse conducted an exclusive survey of its FilAm customers and simply asked if they enjoy watching commercials on television.

The most popular response was ‘sometimes,’ given by 53 percent of those who answered the survey while 25 percent said they did not watch the TV commercials and 22 percent said that they did indeed watch the commercials.


Do you watch Filipino teleseryes?

Everyone has their own tastes in television shows, which can take you anywhere from sports to news to entertainment to specials and so many more. That’s one of the great things about having options, so you can choose your favorite. And there’s one particular genre of TV shows that have endured for a very long time. That would be the soap opera, or to the Filipino community, the Philippine drama, or teleseryes.

We already know that the teleseryes, which are aired in prime time, can bring some of the highest advertising rates in Philippine television. So they are lucrative.

But are they really popular with the FilAm audience? Xoom wanted to find out. So Xoom, a leader in the global money transfer business, decided to conduct an exclusive survey of its FilAm customers and get the answer. Xoom asked the question ‘Do you watch Filipino teleseryes?’

Let’s just say the teleseryes are popular. A majority of the respondents, a full 60 per cent, said they did indeed watch teleseryes. Meanwhile, 40 percent of those who answered the survey said they do not watch Filipino teleseryes.