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Do you know what bitcoin is?

It has received a great deal of attention recently and if you follow the news reports coming from the financial sector, Bitcoin may actually be here to stay. You understand what Bitcoin is, right?

It’s no slight on you if you don’t, but since it is currency, Xoom thought it would be an interesting idea to ask some of its best Filipino customers about Bitcoin. Xoom, a leading digital money transfer provider, conducted an exclusive survey. Xoom simply asked, ‘Do you know what Bitcoin is?’

An overwhelming 69 percent of the respondents in the survey answered that they did not know what Bitcoin is, which means that 31 percent did know.

That number can’t be too surprising, especially if Bitcoin is not something that’s used regularly in everyday money transactions. In case you don’t know, or you just want to be refreshed about it, Bitcoin is a digital currency. It has encryptions that regulate the units and also to verify any transaction of the funds involved. In its usage, Bitcoin does not use a central bank.


Complete the phrase “Having a smart phone makes it …”

Is new technology too complicated or is it a valued and trusty tool to navigate through our complex modern world? Chances are you might be able to make a case either way.

But Xoom decided to look at the issue in another manner. Xoom, a leading money transfer provider, decided to conduct a survey of some of its clients to answer a very basic question. ‘Complete the phrase: Having a smart phone makes it . . . .’

So what do you think the answer was? What would your answer be?

According to those who took part in the survey, an overwhelming majority, 78 percent, said that having a smart phone makes it ‘easier to relax.’ But 22 percent answered that having a smart phone makes it ‘harder to relax.’


According to the Chinese zodiac, 2015 is the Year of the Ram. Do you know your animal sign?

The Chinese Zodiac is sort of like the astrological signs that are supposed to tell your fortunes according to when you were born. There are 12 Chinese Zodiac animal figures, repeating after 12 years. The year 2015 is the Year of the Sheep. Previous years of the sheep include 1967, 1979, 1991 and 2003.

If you are born under this sign, you’re in good shape, according to the Chinese Zodiac. The sheep is the 8th sign in the Chinese calendar and the number 8 is considered lucky.

Those born under the sign of sheep are considered witty individuals who are thoughtful and mindful to the wishes of others. They are also generous, sentimental and have high morals.

Xoom, a worldwide leader in the money transfer business, conducted a survey of its clients to dig deeper. Xoom asked: ‘Do you know your Chinese Zodiac sign?’

You bet, said 71 percent of the respondents, but 29 percent said they didn’t know their symbol.


Xoom Announces Instant Deposit Service to all LANDBANK Accounts in the Philippines

Xoom now offers instant deposits to the fourth largest bank in the Philippines

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 27, 2015 – Xoom Corporation (NASDAQ: XOOM), a leadingdigital money transfer provider, now offers instant deposits to all LANDBANK peso and U.S. dollar accounts. LANDBANK joins BDO, Metrobank and PNB – four of the top five banks in the Philippines – with instant deposit service for Xoom customers.

“Xoom continually looks for ways to improve our service, and this direct partnership with LANDBANK is another example,” said Pia Guter, Xoom’s Director of Marketing for the Philippines. “Customers can rest assured that their loved ones with LANDBANK accounts will receive their money without waiting or having to worry about cut-off times. Xoom customers can send anytime, anywhere, using their computer, tablet or mobile phone.  It also takes just seconds to send using the new Xoom mobile app.”

“We are very excited about this new partnership with Xoom. Our partnership will definitely be a big help to Filipinos in the U.S. looking for a fast and very efficient way of sending money back home. Remittances will be processed and credited to their loved ones’ LANDBANK peso or U.S. dollar accounts in real time,” said Rene Eje, Vice President, OFW Remittance Group at LANDBANK.

“We are a partner of the National Government in promoting progress through socially-oriented programs and projects. Overseas Filipinos and their beneficiaries are among LANDBANK’s priority clients because of the roles they play in stimulating our economy,” added Eje.

LANDBANK, the fourth largest bank in the Philippines, is a government-owned bank with a large rural network that serves farmers, fishermen, small to medium enterprises, and microenterprises.

In the past, senders were mindful of cut-off times, arranging their schedule to send during specific times, so their recipient would not have to wait another full day to receive money.  Instant deposit in the Philippines means no waiting for either the sender or recipient, making this a fast and convenient service for all Xoom customers.  Visit for more information.

About Xoom
Xoom is a leading digital money transfer provider that enables consumers to send money to and pay bills for family and friends around the world in a secure, fast and cost-effective way, using their mobile phone, tablet or computer. During the 12 months ended December 31, 2014, Xoom’s more than 1.2 million active customers sent approximately $6.9 billion with Xoom. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and can be found online at

Land Bank of the Philippines is a government financial institution that strikes a balance in fulfilling its social mandate of promoting countryside development while remaining financially viable. Over the years, LANDBANK has successfully managed this tough balancing act as evidenced by the continued expansion of its loan portfolio in favor of its priority sectors: the farmers and fisherfolk, small and medium enterprises and micro enterprises, livelihood loans and agribusiness, agri-infrastructure and other agri- and environment-related projects, socialized housing, schools and hospitals. Today, LANDBANK is by far the largest formal credit institution in the rural areas. LANDBANK also ranks among the top five commercial banks in the country in terms of deposits, assets, loans and capital.


Do you open at least one app a day on your smart phone?

Do we love our smart phones or what? You may leave your purse at home or misplace your keys or can’t find your wallet right away, but don’t even think about not packing your smart phone. We’d be, like, clueless.

We are all hooked up to technology and smart phones are an instrumental part of it. Since we’ve discovered them, smart phones have assumed a huge role in so many lives. So start with the apps.

To find out just how we might use our smart phones, Xoom decided to conduct an informal survey of its clients by asking this question: ‘Do you open at least one app a day on your smart phone?’

A whopping 49 percent of those who took the survey said yes, but 26 percent answered no, they didn’t open at least one app a day. Meanwhile, 26 percent said they do it sometimes and six percent responded that they do not have a smart phone.


Do you plan to send money to a loved one in the Philippines for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that brings loved ones together on a unique special occasion and there are many ways to celebrate. Maybe a dinner out, or a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. But there are other meaningful ways to celebrate as well. Xoom thought about one of them.

Sending money home is a way Filipinos show their love to the family and friends they have left behind, but have not forgotten.

So Xoom, one of the leaders in the global money transfer business, decided it would be interesting to conduct a survey of its Filipino-American clients. Xoom asked the question: ‘Do you plan to send money to a loved one in the Philippines for Valentine’s Day?’

The majority of those who answered the survey, 36 percent, said yes, they would send money back home for Valentine’s Day. Only 28 percent said they didn’t plan to send money.


Will you watch the Miss Universe pageant on TV on Jan. 25?

There are some television shows that many people find irresistible, and that’s just fine. But on the other hand, there are also other TV shows that you wouldn’t even reach across the table for the channel clicker to watch them.

That’s sort of the fun of it, isn’t it? One of those television programs that could fall into either category is coming up. So Xoom, an international leader in the global money transfer business, thought it would be a good idea to take a survey of its clients and asked them, ‘Will you watch the Miss Universe pageant on TV on Jan. 25?’

It needs to be noted that Mary Jean Lastimosa, better known simply as MJ, holds the crown as the Philippines contestant and is considered one of the favorites to win the Miss Universe competition.

Some 40 percent of those who took part in the survey said no, they aren’t going to watch, but 30 percent said, sure, they would watch the Miss Universe pageant. And some of the respondents simply couldn’t make up their mind – 30 percent said they might watch it.


Do you think you can keep your New Year’s resolutions?

It’s virtually the same thing, over and over, and happens almost at the very instant that the New Year begins. You know the drill by now, so let’s get right to it. What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Of course, the list from which to choose is long every time, but it includes the usual ideas: Lose weight, stop smoking, be a better person, walk away from the cookie jar.

Anyway, it’s this time of the New Year that prompted Xoom to start thinking about it all. So Xoom, a global leader in the money transfer business, decided to conduct an exclusive survey of its clients and asked this question: ‘Do you think you will keep your New Year’s Resolutions?’

That’s cutting right to the chase. The majority of those who took part in the survey, 37 percent, said yes, they would keep their resolutions, but interestingly enough, the next highest percentage, 33 percent, said they had no resolutions. But 26 said maybe and only four percent said they would not keep their New Year’s Resolutions.