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Egyptian conductor performs in Mexico

Egyptian conductor performs in Mexico

Egyptian conductor Hisham Gabr has earned global recognition for his work with a variety of international orchestras. Recently, Mexican residents had two opportunities to enjoy live performances from Gabr, as he visited the country in May 2013. 

According to Ahram Online, Gabr performed a wide range of music in Mexico on May 10 and May 12. The performances included works from Mozart and other world-renowned composers that helped make them enjoyable for classical music aficionados around the nation. 

Who is Hisham Gabr?
Gabr was born in 1972 and has performed extensively at the Cairo Opera House over the past few years. Meanwhile, Gabr has also collaborated with numerous orchestras in the past, such as the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and Astana Philharmonic Orchestra.

Additionally, Gabr appeared with a Mexican orchestra during his recent performances, giving attendees opportunities to watch local musicians as well. 

More music is becoming available throughout Mexico
While Mexico has garnered global praise for its music, more residents and those who live in the U.S. and send money to family members back home may have varying musical preferences. Thankfully, Spotify, a music streaming service, is now readily available across Mexico and could have far-flung effects on the area. 

BBC notes that Spotify, which already has 24 million users worldwide, launched its service in Mexico in April 2013. As more people purchase smartphones, the need for Spotify and other music streaming services has increased among consumers, which could make Spotify a top choice for those in Mexico. 

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) stated that Mexico is the 16th largest digital music market around the globe, and as such, the nation may significantly benefit from Spotify. If more Mexican residents invest in smartphones over the next several years, consumers could use Spotify to listen to music on their mobile devices without delay. 

Mexico's digital music market has grown significantly in the past few years, a trend that may continue as new technologies are unveiled. IFPI officials noted that this market has grown 17 percent since 2008, and the figure could rise further thanks in part to Mexico's ongoing recovery from the economic downturn of the late 2000s. Many countries were negatively affected by the recession, but more Mexican residents could spend money on music downloads and performances as the nation's economy improves. 


Colombia prepares for World Cup qualifier matchup against Peru

Colombia prepares for World Cup qualifier matchup against Peru

The Colombian national football team will look to build on its recent success during its upcoming matchup with Peru. The contest, which will take place on June 11, 2013, pits two squads against one another that have posted relatively positive results in the World Cup qualifiers thus far.

In its most recent match, Colombia battled Argentina to a 0-0 draw in the South American qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup. While Argentina remains on track for an automatic qualifying berth, Colombia moved into second place ahead of Ecuador based on goal differential.

Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina told The Associated Press that both his squad and the Argentine team played a hard-fought, even match.

''We had lots of possession[s] and [Argentina's players] had chances to score [as well],'' Ospina told the news source.

Peru poses challenges for Colombia
The Peru national squad, currently sixth in the standings, has built momentum in some of its recent matches. In its last contest, a matchup against Ecuador, Peru sealed a 1-0 victory thanks to a goal by forward Claudio Pizzaro.

To earn a place in the 2014 World Cup, South American squads must finish in the top four spots in the qualifiers. Each of these squads receives an automatic berth in next year's tournament, which makes it more important than ever for Colombia to be prepared for its contest against Peru.

With 20 points after 11 games, Colombia remains five points behind Argentina in the overall standings. However, the Colombian squad has an amazing opportunity with a strong showing against Peru.

Home-field advantage important
To date, home-field advantage has played a crucial part in various squads' success in the World Cup qualifiers. According to BBC Sport, home teams are 30-9 overall in the competition so far, a trend that Colombia hopes to capitalize on during its next match.

Entering its upcoming match against Colombia, the Peru national team has gone 20 consecutive contests without a road victory. Because Colombia is closing in on its first World Cup spot since 1998, this team has plenty to gain if it plays well against Peru. However, the Colombian national team must stay focused on its immediate goals to play well against a competitive Peruvian squad.

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Colombia faces Argentina in FIFA World Cup qualifier

Colombia faces Argentina in FIFA World Cup qualifier

On June 7, 2013, the Colombian and Argentine national football teams will face off for a chance to clinch a spot in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This match promises to be exciting, as both squads have plenty to play for in a contest between two of South America's top teams.

Whichever team wins will be guaranteed a spot in the World Cup, but nothing is likely to come easy for either squad. Football fans worldwide could see plenty of action when the Colombian and Argentine national teams take the field. 

How does Colombia stack up against Argentina?
Colombian midfielder Freddy Guarin told FIFA that his team is confident about its chances against Argentina. While Guarin acknowledged that qualifying matches are never easy, he stated that the Colombian national squad has been playing at a high level lately and hopes to stay focused during its upcoming match.

"Of course it is not easy [to compete in] qualifying matches, but with all that, we are working at a level that we can respond against any team," Guarin told the news source. "[Argentina] will come out [and] attack, as always."

Ahram Online points out that Colombia was ranked seventh in FIFA's overall standings for May. However, the national squad may face an uphill battle against Argentina, a team that was rated third overall in these rankings.

What to expect from Colombia and Argentina
Colombia could use a very different approach against Argentina when the teams face off in Buenos Aires.

According to, Colombian football coach Jose Pekerman expects to make several lineup changes, using an aggressive group of players to help spark his team's offense. Pekerman's lineup is likely to include strikers Teo Gutierrez and Radamel Falcao along with defensive midfielder Edwin Valencia.

Additionally, Argentina will be without defensive midfielder Fernando Gago for the contest. Gago had partnered with defensive midfielder Javier Mascherano to provide support in the middle, but the Argentine squad will look to Lucas Biglia to serve as a viable replacement.

Argentine forward Lionel Messi may also be absent during the matchup against Colombia. Alejandro Sabella, Argentine football coach, has yet to confirm whether Messi will be able to play, as his presence could noticeably affect both squads.

Plenty is at stake for the Colombian and Argentine national teams in this World Cup qualifier, and the matchup could be action-packed, making it a memorable game to watch for football fans around the globe.

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Periodista brinda honores a histórico arquitecto mexicano

Pedro Ramírez Vázquez fue el autor intelectual de varios edificios, entre ellos algunos en la Ciudad de México.

Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, arquitecto mexicano que falleció el 16 de abril de 2013, tenía un estilo propio que se exhibió en una amplia variedad de estructuras. A pesar de ser construidos en la era posterior a la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el Museo de Antropología en el Bosque de Chapultepec y el Museo Amparo de Puebla en la Ciudad de México son dos de los edificios que han resistido a la prueba del tiempo y continúan inspirando a los arquitectos de todo el mundo.

Elena Poniatowska, periodista de renombre mundial y novelista, tiene planes para honrar a Ramírez Vázquez en un futuro próximo. Según el diario Los Angeles Times, Poniatowska recientemente compartió sus pensamientos y opiniones sobre Ramírez Vázquez con un diario mexicano para así poder ayudar a otros a entender su impacto en los residentes mexicanos y los que viven y trabajan en los EE.UU. y realizan enviar dinero a sus familiares y amigos en casa.

Durante su vida, Ramírez Vázquez ayudó a transformar la cultura mexicana a través de sus proyectos. Incluso fue nombrado el líder del comité organizador de los Juegos Olímpicos de 1968 en la Ciudad de México y ayudó al país a reforzar su reputación global.

¿Cómo ha influido Ramírez Vázquez a los ciudadanos mexicanos?
Como arquitecto de mediados del siglo 20, Ramírez Vázquez tuvo un impacto sustancial en los residentes mexicanos. Sus creaciones han servido a muchos empresarios mexicanos, ciudadanos y funcionarios del gobierno en los últimos años.

Por ejemplo, el New York Times informa que Ramírez Vázquez diseñó la sede nacional del Partido Revolucionario Institucional, la cual sirvió al partido, que gobernó el país hasta el año  2000. Asimismo este grupo encargó a Ramírez Vázquez hacer numerosas estructuras de gobierno durante su vida.

Además, Ramírez Vázquez fue un líder político por un corto período. Se desempeñó como secretario de los asentamientos humanos y obras públicas  entre 1977 y 1982, y sus logros han impactado significativamente a muchos residentes mexicanos.

Luis M. Castañeda, profesor de Historia del Arte en la Universidad de Syracuse, señala que Vázquez tuvo gran impacto en la comunidad arquitectónica. También dijo que él es uno de los muchos profesionales de la arquitectura que ha sido influenciado por Ramírez Vázquez. En una entrevista realizada en el  2012, Castañeda señaló que Ramírez Vázquez llevaba muchos sombreros, refiriéndose a que el artista asumió múltiples responsabilidades, para así asegurar que todas sus creaciones cumplieran con criterios específicos.

"Pensar en él como alguien que diseña edificios es no tomar en cuenta todos los papeles que interpretó," Castañeda dijo al periódico. "Él no era de la construir modelos y bocetos de los dibujos, sino que fuera él quien asegurara la comisión del presidente."

Sin embargo, muchos residentes mexicanos pueden recordar Ramírez Vázquez debido al Museo de Antropología, que es sin duda su logro más importante.

"Sin lugar a dudas, eso por esto que será recordado " Miquel Adriá, director de la revista Arquine arquitectónico, dijo al diario. "Él tuvo éxito en la proyección de la  forma moderna en muchos aspectos que se han encontrado en la arquitectura mexicana."


Los legisladores mexicanos están revisando las estrategias para atraer a los jubilados estadounidenses

Líderes mexicanos quieren que la economía del país prospere y están considerando varias iniciativas para incrementarla.

Líderes mexicanos quieren que la economía del país prospere y están considerando varias iniciativas para incrementarla. Por ejemplo, el Sun Herald informa que varios legisladores mexicanos están evaluando facilitar los límites de propiedad de la tierra para así atraer más jubilados estadounidenses al país.

La costa mexicana es una bonita zona escénica que es atractiva para muchos de los residentes de la nación. Sin embargo, esta área se encuentra actualmente disponible para su compra sólo para residentes mexicanos, pero la nueva legislación podría dar a los no ciudadanos oportunidades para invertir en estos bienes raíces de calidad.

Ambientes relajantes y sin estrés en México, son ideales para los jubilados estadounidenses, asegura el colaborador Barry Golson de la AARP The Magazine, quien recomienda la región de Puerto Vallarta para los jubilados norteamericanos. Esta zona ha sido un destino turístico muy popular desde hace años y sigue siendo un punto muy atractivo para los visitantes mexicanos que quieren disfrutar de la belleza y la cultura de la nación.

No sólo, Puerto Vallarta alberga numerosas playas de primera clase, sino que el comercio es un gran atractivo. Ya que son conocidos la vasta cantidad de bares y tiendas de curiosidades que se pueden encontrar en Vallarta. Golson pone énfasis en que la zona está llena de flores y plazas coloridas que ayudan a que el  lugar sea un paraíso maravilloso para los jubilados.

Jubilados estadounidenses podrán apreciar la belleza de México
Peter Glass, un ex ejecutivo de Procter & Gamble, vive con su esposa, Charlotte, en Puerto Vallarta. El matrimonio es uno de los muchos que goza del encanto de la región, lo que hace que sea un destino diferente en comparación con otros lugares de retiro de todo el mundo.

"Es un soplo de aire fresco proverbial," Peter Glass dijo a una fuente de noticias.

La belleza natural de México ayuda a que el país se diferencie de muchos otros en todo el mundo. Asimismo, los ciudadanos del país pueden beneficiarse significativamente si hay más jubilados estadounidenses viviendo en la zona.

Los dueños de empresas mexicanas podrian ver sus ganancias aumentar rápidamente, a medida que más jubilados puedan gastar el dinero en varias tiendas en toda la región. Además, los dueños de restaurantes mexicanos podrían mejorar notablemente sus ventas en períodos cortos de tiempo, gracias en parte al apoyo que podrían recibir de los jubilados estadounidenses.

Mientras tanto, los dirigentes mexicanos están revisando constantemente soluciones para ayudar a aumentar los ingresos de la nación. Si bien muchos países han luchado para recuperarse de la recesión económica de finales del decenio de 2000, los legisladores mexicanos  están dedicando el tiempo necesario para asegurar que los residentes del país y los que trabajan en los EE.UU. y realizan enviar dinero a sus familiares en casa, se beneficien de las reformas legislativas en los próximos años.


Badminton becomes more popular in India

Badminton becomes more popular in India

While many Indian athletes are drawn to cricket, badminton is quickly gaining momentum nationwide. In fact, an Indian athletic apparel distributor recently noted that badminton could overtake cricket as the country's most-popular sport. 

According to Sportskeeda, Navendu Jain, a spokesperson with an Adidas distributor in India, said that badminton is becoming increasingly popular with large groups of Indian residents and those who work in the U.S. and send money to family members and friends in the country. If various sporting goods suppliers highlight badminton products throughout India, more people could become interested in this sport. 

"Badminton has the ability to surpass cricket and football in India," Jain told the news source. "But that is some distance away."

A new badminton league could help build an Indian fan base
Those who want to watch live badminton could have plenty of opportunities in India over the next few years. Al Jazeera reports that a new professional Indian badminton league was recently launched and could lead many younger athletes to start playing the sport. 

As part of the league, franchises have been set up in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow and Hyderabad. Additionally, Indian badminton teams intend to take steps to help attract some of the world's top players. 

"The popularity of badminton has not translated into success in terms of tournaments, but we will change that," Ashish Chadha, chief executive of sports management firm Sporty Solutionz, told the news source. 

More badminton activities available to younger Indian citizens
To date, badminton has already made quite a racket among Indian adolescents. The sport is played in many parks around the country, and the new badminton league could make it even more popular for both kids and adults. 

"There are some 150 badminton academies in New Delhi alone. In Hyderabad, there are some 5,000 [athletes] playing competitively," Chadha told the news source. "These figures give an idea of the potential for the sport."

Badminton could also play an important role in India's economy down the line. If more players are drawn to the sport, various marketing opportunities could become available to Indian companies and other businesses across the globe. Meanwhile, Indian residents could spend money on tickets to watch badminton games played by some of the world's top players at sports venues around the country, which may enable companies throughout the nation to noticeably improve their profits. 


India is reaping the rewards of gold and silver imports

India is reaping the rewards of gold and silver imports

The global recession of the late 2000s has been tough on many countries, including India. Fortunately, Indian residents have recently received a substantial economic boost from their gold and silver imports. 

According to Reuters, India's gold and silver imports rose 138 percent between April 2012 and April 2013. Meanwhile, world gold and silver prices recently fell, which may significantly impact India's economy in the near future. 

"The surge in gold imports in April could have been due to frontloading of demand given the fall in gold prices, but this demand will come off in the next few months," India economist Siddhartha Sanyal told the news source.

Demand for India's gold is increasing around the world
Gold is a hot commodity worldwide, and Indian residents and those who work in the U.S. and send money to family members back home could be affected by its fluctuating value.

In April 2013, India's imports increased 10.9 percent on a year-over-year basis, thanks in part to the high demand for gold. While the price of gold fell in April, it has steadily increased since that time, a trend that may continue as the Indian economy continues to improve. 

Additionally, the demand for gold could create new opportunities for Indian retailers. If more consumers request gold products, more jobs could become available, which may help create new employment opportunities across India. 

Indian online retailers are selling gold and silver
The Indian Express points out that Bullion India recently launched an online platform to sell gold and silver to consumers. This merchant intends to supply large quantities of gold and silver at low prices and is even offering various delivery options to customers around the globe. 

"Bullion India is the best platform through which retail customers can own gold and silver bars in small denominations at the lowest prices," Bullion India executive director Ketan Kothari told the news source. 

With Bullion India, customers can enjoy gold bars that comply with international standards and are safely stored at all times. A professional security agency ensures that gold and silver is protected, and Bullion India also offers full insurance to clients. 

As the global economy improves, more consumers could show interest in India's gold and silver sector. By offering these products to customers, Indian residents may receive significant profits that could help the nation for extended periods of time. 


How to avoid work-from-home pitfalls

Work from home is a great convenience, but it can prevent people from reaching their goals if not careful.

Whether it's working for a small business owner, a franchise-based company or picking up some extra shifts from temporary positions, immigrants who send money to their families back home will go to great lengths to ensure that their loved ones are provided for. And thanks to the internet and telecommunication, many immigrants are taking advantage of these modern-day conveniences by working from home.

Today, more people than ever before are putting in full work days at the office, only from the comfort of their own homes. While distractions from one's residence may be too hard to overcome for some, others are able to thrive on their home turf. Not only do they get more done, but they're also able to get through with their day earlier than they would had they gone into the office, avoiding rush hour traffic and public transportation delays.

That said, there are some negatives of work-from-home jobs that can prevent individuals from advancing in their lines of work, whether it's being paid more or receiving a promotion, according to recent survey data.

Human resources and talent management firm Korn/Ferry International recently surveyed more than 300 company executives throughout the country, asking them about their businesses, their employees and their overall take on career mobility. One of the most noteworthy responses from these business execs was what they thought of working from home. In 60 percent of cases, employee managers said that they thought home-based workers risked limiting themselves with regards to career advancement.

Ana Dutra, Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting CEO, indicated that people who take advantage of telecommunication need to be aware of the fact that company decision makers may unintentionally overlook them simply because they're not physically present.

"While working at home can be beneficial for both companies and workers, it can also lead to 'invisibility' that can limit opportunities for career advancement," said Dutra. "It is important for telecommuters to remain networked as closely as possible with peers and leaders in the office."

Human resource experts say that networking is much easier today than it has been historically, mainly because of the increased channels in which individuals can stay in touch with others. Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are one way to maintain contact with co-workers, but this should also include face-to-face communication. In other words, home-based workers should make it a priority to go into the office every now and then so that they can maintain a presence and stay connected.

Work-from-home myths
Because working from home has become so common, a number of inaccuracies and myths are out there that may be giving individuals the wrong impression of it. Nonprofit human resources association recently attempted to dispel some of these flawed beliefs.

For example, some people think that the typical individual who works from home are mothers who have children. While true, many parents do work from their home because it enables them to juggle work with family responsibilities, the average teleworker is a 40-year-old man with a college degree.

There's also the suggestion that home-based workers don't give as much effort as individuals who go into the office. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based HR firm indicates that the opposite is more accurate, as traditionally, working from home requires greater conscientiousness given the variety of distractions there can be that aren't in the office.