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Team India Takes on Australia in the Seventh and Final One Day International (ODI)

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It is once again cricket as usual for Team India as it takes on Australia in the seventh and final One Day International (ODI) on Nov. 2 at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

The last match of Team Australia’s tour of India showcases two of cricket’s global powerhouses and should shine the direction of the spotlight back on the pitch, relegating to the background the spot-fixing scandal that led to lifetime bans for two players in September by the Board of Cricket Control in India.  The scandal occurred in last year’s Indian Premier League.

Fans of Team India are celebrating the 30th anniversary this year of one of the biggest upsets in Cricket ODIs, the 1983 victory by Team India over the West Indies in the final of the World Cup.

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Captained by Mahendra Singh Dhonai and led by left-handed batsman Yuvraj Singh, Team India is the reigning champion in the 50-over format, but has had its hands full with Australia, which is wrapping up its 24-day tour against Team India.


Australia looks to avoid loss at The Ashes

The Ashes are about to get started again.

With England in command of The Ashes 2013, Australia looks to help climb out of its hole and storm back into contention.

England won the first two Tests against Australia at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, as well as Lord's Cricket Ground in London. The third Test will take place at Old Trafford in Manchester starting on Thursday, August 1, at 6 a.m. EDT, and will continue through the weekend until Monday, August 5.

In order to win The Ashes, Australia will need to take the remaining Tests. After the meeting in Manchester, the two sides will head to the Riverside Ground in Chester-le-Street from Friday, August 9, until Tuesday August 13. The final meeting between the two sides takes place on Wednesday, August 21 at the Kennington Oval in London. This will continue until Sunday, August 25.

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England takes command in second Ashes Test

England took a commanding lead against Australia during the second Test.

England is now in full control of The Ashes, as the side recently defeated Australia in the second Test at Lord's Cricket Ground.

England managed to defeat Australia by 347 runs as the home side posted a 361 and a 349-7 after a declaration. Australia was only able to post a 128 and 235 to come up well short. Joe Root produced an impressive 180 runs for England before the declaration was called.

With the second Test in the books, the two sides will head to Old Trafford in Manchester for the third Test, which is to take place on August 1. The Test will continue until August 5 before both England and Australia meet at the Riverside Ground for the Fourth Test on August 9. The final Test will be at The Oval in London, between August 21 and 25.

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England takes control during second Ashes Test

The Ashes are in full swing, and England has the edge.

England is in a prime position to take another Test from Australia in this year's edition of The Ashes, as Australia had a day to forget.

During the second day of the second Test at Lord's Cricket Ground in London, Australia was only able to manage a 128 compared to England's 361 and 31-3. This puts the hosts in almost complete control of the Test, and may give Australia a significant mountain to climb.

This Test will continue in the next few days before the venue switches to Old Trafford in Manchester from August 1 to 5. After this, there will be the fourth Test starting on August 9 at Riverside Ground before it all wraps up during the fifth test on August 21 at The Oval.

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England takes first Test on quest for The Ashes

England took the first Test of The Ashes.

England cricket fans were likely loud and proud this week, as the country recently captured the first Test against Australia in this year's edition of The Ashes.

The English side was able to post a 215 and 375 at Trent Bridge, which was enough to take down Australia by 14 runs, despite a 280 and 296. James Anderson closed the deal for England, as he was able to secure four wickets for his country's side.

This tournament will continue Thursday, July 18 at Lord's Cricket Ground in London - the venue for the second Test. This will begin at 6 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on that day, with the Australians looking to get back for losing the first Test.

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Australia proves strong during first Test

The first Test of The Ashes had some notable highlights.

The second day of the first Test of this year's installment of The Ashes is in the books, and Australia kept its hopes alive of taking the first meeting against England.

England hit for 215, as well as 80/2 during the second installment of the Test, and despite a lead at the end of day two, Australia had an impressive showing from one of its new batters. Ashton Agar hit for 98 in order to give his country a 280.

This sets up what may be a thrilling finish to the first Test of The Ashes at Trent Bridge. Once this Test is completed, the two sides will head to Lord's Cricket Ground, Old Trafford, Riverside Ground and Kennington Oval to round out the fixtures.

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Australia, England begin battle for The Ashes

The Ashes are in full swing and both England and Australia have hopes of taking home the urn.

Day one of the first Test between Australia and England is in the books, and the two sides are both in a decent position of taking the first test.

England started off in a difficult spot at Trent Bridge in Nottinghamshire, UK, as the side managed a 214 before going all out. This wasn't the way many fans had hoped, but with Australia coming to bat, the English held the bats to 75-4 at the end of day one.

The first Test will continue until completion through the rest of the week. The second Test will move the battle to London at Lord's Cricket Ground, where play will pick up on July 18. The next three Tests will be located in Manchester, Chester-le-Street and back in London at The Oval.

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England looks to keep Ashes for third-straight meeting

The Ashes is only a few days away.

One of the most important cricket test series in the world will take place this summer, as The Ashes returns again. Both England and Australia have hopes of taking back the urn, but it could be quite a stunning show.

England won the past two meetings, as the 2010-11 tournament was in their favor by three matches to one. Previous to this, the English cricketers came out to a two to one victory in 2009. Australia hasn't won the urn since a five to zero sweep during the 2006-07 fixtures.

The Ashes will begin on Wednesday, July 10 at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, UK. This continues with the next four Tests spread throughout July and August. With England hosting the tournament, there will be matches located in London, Manchester and Chester-le-Street, as well.

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