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Mumbai has slender lead after four matches

The IPL season is heating up.

The Indian Premier League is just starting to heat up, and Mumbai Indians has gotten off to a flying start.

The team has six points after four matches, as it recently overcame Rajasthan Royals by posting a 197/6. The Royals gave up their final wicket at 19.4 overs, only managing to score a 170. The win has Mumbai sitting in first, but not comfortably by any stretch. Both Delhi Devils and Pune Warriors India are both only two points behind, each with a match in hand.

Rajasthan’s troubles continued, as it tripped up against Kolkata Knight Riders, who scored a 137/5. Rajasthan batted first, but were only able to post a 131/5. This knocks them down to four points from four matches, and level with Kolkata.

Pune Warriors had a golden opportunity to keep pace with Mumbai, as they played Kings XI Punjab on Thursday, as the latter have had a slow start. However, it was Kings XI’s day, was they easily scored 116/3 after only 17.4 overs, destroying Pune Warriors and its disappointing 115. The win takes Kings XI out of the IPL basement, with two points from three matches.

Chennai Super Kings did its part to get to the middle of the pack this week, as the side defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore. Chennai powered through to overcome Royal Challengers’ strong 205/8 to reach 208/5.

More exciting fixtures are set for this weekend, as Pune Warriors take on Chennai in Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium on Saturday. In addition, two matches will occur on Sunday, with Kings XI Punjab heading to Eden Gardens to play Kolkata and Royal Challengers set to take on Rajasthan Royals in Bengaluru. The action doesn’t stop there, as later next week has a plethora of important matches, as league play picks up steam.

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  43. Oct 5 2013

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  48. Oct 6 2013

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