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Watch the Pacquiao-Mosley Fight for FREE on DIRECTV Pay-Per-View (valued at $55) with your First Money Transfer to the Philippines with

Offer valid for first time Xoom users sending $150 or more to the Philippines. Available to DIRECTV subscribers. Offer fulfilled via $55 Prepaid Reward Card.

Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino phenomenon, takes the ring on May 7th against former world champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley. is thrilled to announce a special offer for first time Xoom customers to watch the Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao vs. Sugar Shane Mosley fight for FREE on DIRECTV Pay-Per-View (PPV). is partnering with DIRECTV to bring this incredible opportunity to first time Xoom customers sending money to the Philippines.

The PPV offer is valued at $55. For the full terms and conditions on this promotion just visit

    Apr 27 2011

    >I would do the offer but I want to send money to another country like Panama. I don't think I would qualify if I don't send to The Philippines, DARN IT!!!

  2. Yob
    Apr 27 2011

    >What about your loyal and old customers like me who regularly use the xoom remittance every month? What do we get for being valued client?

    That's unfair, we better look for another remittance company who will also give us an offer like this.

  3. Xoom Customer Service
    Apr 27 2011

    >Hello Yob,

    We certainly do thank you for your business and absolutely value it as well. Please do know that from time to time we run promotions geared towards getting new people to try our service. As to our existing customers we work hard to try and ensure that they are able send transactions as inexpensively and fast as possible.

    Thank you,
    Matthew N
    Xoom Customer Service

  4. Ronaldo
    Apr 30 2011

    >i just send money to the philippines, how can i get my prepaid subscription?

  5. chona
    Apr 30 2011

    >Current customers should also be rewarded from time to time. Pacman fights are always full house of friends & relatives & I would definitely recommend Xoom if we get special offers from time to time!

  6. Angelina
    May 1 2011

    >That was very nice to hear, but may be also you can think of something rewarding for all customers it don't matter if they are new or old customers. Speaking personally I think you guys need to think of better ways to take care of all goood loyal customers of that you have for a long time, isn't it?

  7. Xoom Customer Service
    May 2 2011

    >Hello Ronaldo,

    If you are a new customer and are interested in the promotion please send me a message to using the subject XOOMBLOGHELP and I will make certain you are able to take advantage of the offer.

    Thank you,
    Matthew N
    Xoom Customer Service

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  10. Sep 23 2013

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  13. Oct 6 2013

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