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Introducing a New ‘Request’ Feature for Money Transfers, Bill Payments and Mobile Reloads for Loved Ones Abroad Using Xoom

By Julian King, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Development, Xoom

At Xoom, PayPal’s digital money transfer service, we aim to make sending and receiving money a better experience for everyone involved. However, senders of remittances have carried most of the heavy load. Not just in generating income, but also figuring out the fastest and most convenient way to send funds. Recipients on the other end, are limited in the ways they can help make it easier. Today, we’re excited to announce a new ‘request’ feature that was especially designed with remittance recipients in mind. For the first time, users outside of the U.S. can use Xoom to easily send a ‘request’ to their loved ones in the U.S. for a money transfer, bill payment, or a mobile reload.

No more wondering what the best location is for your money transfer or having to write down complicated account information and potentially delaying payments to your loved ones because of mistakes; no more calls to check account numbers for bill payments or mobile reloads.

Now this information can be directly entered by recipients and saved on their accounts for future requests. They know what they need, when and where they need it; they know their account numbers, so why not let them make the ‘request’? After you receive a request, all you need to do is accept it and send.

Here’s how it works:

Recipients and senders benefit in a number of ways:

  • Request Money –it’s easy for recipients to remind family members in the U.S. about key events as a prompt to send money. Funds can be requested for cash pick-up at any local pay-out partner listed on Xoom’s site.
  • Request a Mobile Reload – send a mobile reload request to loved ones in the U.S. to get airtime credit on your prepaid mobile phone.
  • Request Bill Pay – request family or friends to pay your bills, such as your electricity and phone-line bills.

With the new ‘request’ feature, more control is in the hands of remittance recipients who now are a part of the process and have an easy and convenient way to manage this important line of financial support. There is no charge for making a request; it takes just a few easy steps and recipients can make requests 24/7 on the web from any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Users can start requesting now in 29 countries and requests can be fulfilled on a web browser or through the Xoom app on Android and iOS.


Presentamos la Nueva Función ‘Solicitar’ para Recepción de Remesas, Pago de Servicios y Recargas Telefónicas para Seres Queridos en el Exterior Usando Xoom 

Por Bobby Aitkenhead, Director de Producto, Xoom

En Xoom, un servicio de PayPal y proveedor líder de transferencias digitales de dinero, nos proponemos hacer que el envío y recepción de dinero sea una mejor experiencia para todos los involucrados. Sin embargo, los remitentes de remesas casi siempre han llevado la carga pesada. No solamente al generar los ingresos, sino también buscando la manera más rápida y conveniente de enviar los fondos. Los destinatarios, por otra parte, tienen límites para hacer las cosas más sencillas. Hoy estamos encantados de anunciar una nueva función de ‘solicitar’ que fue diseñada teniendo en cuenta especialmente a los destinatarios de remesas.

Por primera vez, los usuarios fuera de EE.UU. pueden usar Xoom para enviar fácilmente una ‘solicitud’ a sus seres queridos en este país de una transferencia de dinero, pago de servicios o recarga telefónica.

Ya no es necesario encontrar cuál es el mejor lugar para llevar a cabo una transferencia de dinero, o tener que apuntar los complicados datos de diversas cuentas y cometer errores, retrasando la llegada de los pagos a tus seres queridos. No más llamadas para verificar números de cuentas para pagar algún servicio o hacer una recarga telefónica.

Ahora, esta información puede ser ingresada por el destinatario y se guarda directamente en sus cuentas para futuras solicitudes. Ellos saben lo que necesitan, cuándo y dónde lo necesitan; saben sus números de cuenta, entonces, ¿por qué no permitirles realizar una ‘solicitud’? Tras recibir la solicitud, todo lo que hay que hacer es confirmarla y enviar el dinero.

Así funciona:

Los destinatarios y los remitentes se benefician de muchas maneras:

  • Solicitar dinero – es fácil que los destinatarios les recuerden a sus familiares en EE.UU. los eventos claves para solicitar el envío de dinero. Los fondos estarán disponibles para retiro en cualquier socio de pagos relacionado en el sitio web de Xoom.
  • Solicitar una recarga de celular – envíe una solicitud de recarga de celular a los seres queridos en EE.UU. para pedir crédito en su celular prepago.
  • Solicitar pago de servicios – solicite a familiares o amigos que paguen sus servicios, como cuentas de electricidad y teléfono.

Con la nueva función ‘solicitar’, hay más control en manos de los destinatarios de las remesas, quienes ahora son parte del proceso y tienen una manera fácil y conveniente de manejar esta importante línea de apoyo financiero. No hay cargos por hacer una solicitud; en tan sólo unos pocos pasos, los destinatarios pueden hacer solicitudes 24/7 en Internet desde cualquier celular, tableta o computadora.

Los usuarios pueden empezar a solicitar desde 29 países y, las solicitudes pueden ser cumplidas en un navegador de Internet o, a través de la app Xoom en Android y en iOS.



Xoom Waives All Transaction Fees for Haiti in Wake of Hurricane Matthew

By Julian King, CMO, Xoom

Reports indicate Hurricane Matthew has been the worst storm to hit Haiti in more than 50 years. The Caribbean island has struggled to rebuild since an earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. According to the United Nations, today more than 350,00 people are in need of humanitarian assistance and 2,000 children have been evacuated for safety and protection.

As the island once again rebuilds, we can come together and extend our support. From today through October 15, 2016, we will waive all money transfer and top-up fees for Xoom services to Haiti. We’ve partnered with C.A.M and Unitransfer to provide cash pick-up and local bank deposit. Additionally, our top up service will help you to instantly send airtime credit to prepaid mobile phones with Digicel and Natcom.

We’re hoping this fee-free service will help families stay connected and serve as a vital lifeline of help during this difficult time. We encourage you to extend your support to the people of Haiti.

To find out about more ways to help, you can visit Save the Children, MercyCorps, or Direct Relief International.


2016 Moon Festival: A Time for Good Luck and Good Fortune

Digital Money Transfer Service, Xoom, Keeps Families Connected during Mid-Autumn Festival

Summer is officially over but that doesn’t mean an end to all the great festivals we have enjoyed over the last few months. The Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival, as it’s commonly known, is a widely celebrated occasion for ethnic Chinese people, marking the end of the autumn harvest on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month (this year it falls on September 15th). This global celebration has special significance in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan where people get a day off of work during the holiday.

Today, the festival has become just as much about giving thanks for the harvest as it is about reconnecting and gathering with family and friends. Since the festival coincides with the harvest moon, when it’s at its brightest and roundest, family reunions and praying for good fortune are traditional pillars of the festival.

Not only is it customary to eat delicious Chinese pastries called mooncakes, but making and lighting lanterns and watching dancing dragon parade performances is also common. Most importantly, while in the company of close family and friends, many take advantage of making gestures to grant good fortune to themselves and their families. People gift family members with red envelopes or “lucky money” in hopes that it will bring luck and reunification.

With changes in technology, these red envelopes have taken on different digital forms for family and friends who don’t live nearby. In fact, the Chinese Moon Festival has become the second most popular time for Chinese immigrants to send money back to their families in China (next to Lunar New Year) to fulfill familial piety. Overall, China is the #2 country to receive remittances from the United States, and many digitally-connected immigrants are taking advantage of new tools to send money to loved ones quicker and safer than traditional brick and mortar methods.

Xoom, a leading digital money transfer provider and PayPal service, is enabling Chinese immigrants to send money to family during the Moon Festival to give them peace of mind that their well wishes for good luck and reunification are received. Xoom makes it easier and more secure for families in the United States to send money back home to loved ones with just a few clicks or swipes on a desktop computer or on a mobile phone. For many Chinese immigrants, using a service like Xoom allows them to send money to family and friends via a direct bank deposit. For loved ones receiving the money, this service cuts out the hassle of waiting in a long line outside a cash pick-up location and eliminates the risk of carrying large sums of cash in public. *

Sarah Wong, a business analyst and Xoom customer in San Jose, California, spoke to us about the benefits of using the service for her and her family. “After I got my first job in the U.S., I started to send money home to the Guangdong province every month.  I use Xoom services because the money arrives instantly** and my mom always gets a text message.  Xoom gives us a lot peace of mind and convenience.  I recommend Xoom to my friends in the U.S. who want to send money to China.  This Moon Festival will be the first time I won’t be with my parents.  I will buy some mooncakes and send lucky money home.”

“During this Moon Festival, Chinese customers don’t have to wait in long lines to send money home.  They can send money through Xoom in just a slide on their mobile phone, allowing them more time to enjoy with friends and family,” said Helen Li, Xoom Territory Manager for China.

Visit and discover for yourself how Xoom’s fast, secure and easy-to-use digital money transfer service is the best way to stay connected with loved ones during the Mid-Autumn festival, ensuring a lucky and prosperous year to come.

*For current FX rates, visit

**Instant speed of service for transactions submitted 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Beijing Standard Time and is subject to processing and China’s SAFE systems’ availability, good funds availability and approval by verification systems.


Mabuhay! A warm welcome to Xoom’s new brand ambassador, Mikey Bustos!

We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with social media sensation, Mikey Bustos! You might know Mikey from his appearance on Canadian Idol, or perhaps have seen some of his hilarious Youtube videos that won him recognition as a Top Youtube Personality (Philippines) at the Influence Asia Awards last year. We know Mikey has built a strong following with the Filipino community using his humor and think he’s a perfect fit to be our new brand ambassador for the launch of our new comedy campaign, Xoom LOL –  Life On Line!

As a part of his one-year partnership with Xoom, we’re starting the fun in typical Mikey fashion – with the first of several parody videos on the benefits of digital remittances with Xoom – check it out! You might recognize this quintessential 90’s karaoke tune from the Philippines!

Additionally, starting Monday, August 15, we’ll be airing a new television commercial on TFC and GMA that will feature Mikey using his humor to depict the obstacles of sending money through traditional brick-and-mortar stores versus the ease of using Xoom. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from the commercial shoot!

We know that Filipino immigrants and Overseas Filipino Workers are often the lifelines of support for their families in the Philippines. As such a critical piece in the daylives of our users, Xoom wants to empower our customers and make sure they’re aware of the convenience of our platform. We know humor is a powerful way of connecting with the Filipino community and believe through Mikey’s personality and his social media platform, we can further engage with our Filipino customers.

You can can check out the latest campaign content on our dedicated Facebook page, Xoom LOL, which will host videos, Facebook Live streams, photos and clips from Mikey’s shenanigans with Xoom.


Xoom Expands Reach in South America with the Launch of Money Transfer Service to Guyana!

By Andrea Salcedo, Xoom Territory Manager for the Caribbean and South America

We’re excited to announce today that Xoom has expanded our service to the South American country of Guyana. With this expansion, we hope to remove the hassle and worry of sending money back home to loved ones in Guyana.

Within seconds, you can login to or the Xoom mobile app to send a direct bank deposit or cash pick-up transfer. Our service is easy to use and eliminates the need to wait in long lines or drive to a store to process your transaction. Soon we will also launch a mobile reload feature to recharge your loved ones’ mobile devices. It’s the perfect way for family members to stay connected.

We’ve partnered with trusted bank partners and cash pick up networks, including First Global, Laparkan, and the Guyana Post office, so you can send money throughout Guyana, from Georgetown to Lindon. All pick up locations are open from Monday to Saturday.

Xoom employs proven technology to protect and secure your personal information. Xoom is a simple and affordable way to send money as compared to traditional brick-and-mortar money transfer locations. We offer a money-back guarantee so you can have the peace of mind that if your transfer isn’t received, you will receive a refund. We offer 24/7 customer support at +1(415) 395-4225.

We are committed to making the movement and management of money better, easier and more affordable for people across the world and we’re thrilled to now begin offering our service to the Guyanese community.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Xoom Wins 2016 Tech & Innovation Award from San Francisco Business Times

Today the San Francisco Business Times announced that Xoom, a PayPal service, is a recipient of the 2016 Tech & Innovation Award. This annual award celebrates Bay Area companies that are reimagining how business is done and most importantly, transforming every area of technology through innovation.

Over the last 15 years, we at Xoom have been focused on building a leading digital money transfer services company that has shaken up antiquated systems of sending remittances. We’ve pioneered innovative ways to make sending money to loved ones around the world faster, more secure, and more convenient.

We’ve helped customers in the U.S. send money, pay bills, and reload prepaid mobile phones for family and friends in over 50 countries. Earlier this year, we announced our expansion in Africa and Europe, as well as plans to launch our service to Cuba later this year. We will continue to work hard on our goal of making the movement and management of money easier for people all over the world.

We’re proud of the work accomplished thus far and congratulate our fellow award recipients who are also tackling real-world problems through high-tech solutions!


Sending money to Nepal just got easier!

By Nasar Agboatwala, Xoom Territory Manager for South Asia

Remittances are a lifeline for people in many countries and can bring tangible benefits to a country’s economic growth.  As per the World Bank, Nepal received an average of $500 million per month last year from migrants across the world. According to the International Labour Organisation, close to 520,000 labour permits were issued to Nepalese planning to work abroad.

We’re happy to announce that Xoom, a leading digital money transfer provider, can now help Nepalese immigrants in the U.S. by making easier to instantly send money or recharge mobile devices for their friends and family in Nepal using a U.S. bank account, debit card or credit card.

Within seconds, the Xoom mobile app can be used to transfer money to a bank account, send a cash pick-up request, or recharge their loved one’s mobile device in Nepal without waiting in long lines, driving to stores or paying high fees. It’s the perfect way for family members to stay connected.

Xoom is partnering with Everest Bank Ltd., Nepal to offer instant bank deposits and cash pick-up. Consumers can also make bank deposits for all other Nepal banks including Nabil Bank, Himalayan Bank and Nepal SBI Bank. In addition to money transfers, people in the U.S. can also use Xoom’s website or mobile app to instantly send airtime credit to prepaid mobile phones from Ncell, Nepal Telecom and UTL.

Through the partnership with Everest Bank and other major Nepal banks, Xoom customers can transfer up to $1,000 for a flat fee of $4.99. For transactions beyond $1,000, the fee will be waived when paying with a U.S. bank account. For mobile recharge, it only costs 99 cents per transaction for a range of recharge amounts from 500 Nepal Rupee (NPR) to 2,000 NPR.

Customers can send money and recharge mobile phones with confidence due to Xoom’s SMS tracking alerts, 24/7 customer support and money back guarantee. The moment money is sent to a bank account or airtime is credited to a prepaid mobile phone account, a free confirmation text message is sent to the recipient. Xoom also auto-saves the transaction information, including the bank account or mobile number, payment method and amount sent, enabling repeat transactions to be completed with just two clicks. For more information, go to


Xoom Expands its Money Transfer and Mobile Reload Services to Haiti

By Andrea Salcedo, Xoom Territory Manager for the Caribbean and South America

Sending money to your family and friends back home is important, but sometimes it can be a hassle—waiting in the line, taking money out of the ATM or driving to the store. And then you’re faced with worry about when (or worse—if) your money will actually reach your loved ones.

But not anymore. U.S. customers sending money to Haiti now have less to worry about. Xoom, a PayPal service, has partnered with C.A.M to provide cash pick-up and bank deposit. Forget about going to a store; you can securely send money to your family members or friends either online or through Xoom’s mobile app. Your money arrives quickly, and you can track transfers through text or email. And, for your peace of mind, we have a money back guarantee if the funds are not received. We also offer affordable rates – starting at a tiered fee of $3.99 for sending amounts below $50.

We aren’t stopping there. Xoom will soon be launching mobile top-up services to Haiti. This service will allow you to instantly send airtime credit online from the U.S. to prepaid mobile phones in Haiti, so your family members can avoid the hassle of walking to the store just to stay connected. It only costs 99 cents to reload any prepaid phone with Digicel and Natcom.

The World Bank states that Haiti receives $1.2B in remittances from the U.S. each year. In fact, personal remittances received in Haiti account for 23 percent of the country’s GDP – one of the highest in the world! Now, Xoom’s services, money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support will give you and your loved ones more choice, flexibility, convenience and security with when sending money abroad. Xoom is eliminating hassles and making sure your money reaches family and friends as quickly and easily as possible.

So, go ahead and bask in the sun this spring, and decide how you’ll enjoy the extra time and money saved on remittances. We’ve got your back!



Xoom kounye a ap ofri sèvis transfè lajan ak fason pou rechaje telefòn w an Ayiti.
Andrea Salcedo, Manajè Xoom pou Karaib ak Sid Amerik la

Voye lajan pou fanmi ak zanmi w an Ayiti trè enpòtan, min kèk fwa sa bay tèt chaje – pèdi tan nan liy, al nan ATM oubyen kondwi al nan boutik. Mete sou sa, enkietid w genyen sou posibilite pou lajan w voye a pa rive jwenn mounn lan.

Sa fini. Voje lajan an Ayiti vinn pi fasil kounye a. Xoom, yon konpayi transfè lajan a travè PayPal, mete tèt kole ak C.A.M pèmèt mounn  w voye lajan an pou li a al chèche li oubyen depoze li dirèk nan bank li pou li. zafè al nan ti boutik la fini, w ka voye lajan an tout sekirite bay fanmi ak zanmi w sou entènèt oubyen nan aplikasyon Xoom lan. Lajan w ap rive plop plop epi w ka wè tout detay sou tranzaksyon an a travè teks oubyen email. Rete tèt frèt. Nou garanti w lajan w ap rive san problèm.  Nan ka kontrè, nap remèt w kòb w. Frè transfè nou byen ba. si wap voye pou pi piti ke $50 dola, wap peye sèlman $3.99

Nou pap rete la. Xoom Pral ovri trè byento sèvis Top- Up pou selilè an Ayiti. Sèvis sa a ap pèmèt w rechaje telefòn mounn ayiti an prese prese, konsa fammi w pap bezwen al pèdi tan nan ti boutik jis pou peye sèvis telefòn li. li koute sèlman 99 santim pou rechaje yon telefòn Digicel oubyen Natcom.

Daprè bank mondial, diaspora a voye plis pase 1 milya dola an Ayiti chak lane.  an fèt, lajan diaspora a voye a reprezante 23% nan tout lajan peyi a depanse. Yon gro chif nan nivo mondial. Kounye a ak sèvis Xoom nan, ki gen sèvis kliantèl 24 sou 24 ak garanti lajan w, fanmi w gen plis chwa, bon jan garanti ke lajan w ap rive an byen. Ak Xoom, pa gen grate tèt, lajan w rive plop plop.

Donk, Pran plezi w nan bon jan tanperati a epi panse kijan w pral fè ekonomi lajan ak tan w. Nap travay pou w.